Jasper Geenhuizen


By Vincent Morgan |  Published on Wednesday, March 13, 2013.

Interview of Jasper Geenhuizen a gifted light graffiti artist from Netherlands. Astonishing pictures inside.

FC : How and why did you start doing light drawing photography ?

Jasper: I always wanted to do something with art, but I could not paint nor draw. At a certain moment I discovered light graffiti on the internet and became fascinated by it. This lead me to try it myself, and so I started practicing. In doing so I was discovering a lot of different techniques and styles, which resulted in my own style.

FC : How many tries does it usually take to get to the image you were hoping for ?

J : That depends on the location, as on one location it is easier to make a photo than on the other location. Usually I start by making a few pictures to get the composition and the settings right. I usually take about 15 photos on one location, but sometimes I'm only satisfied after the 50th shot. I pay a lot of attention to detail in my work and am, therefore, not easily satisfied.

FC : What are your tools or technical configuration ?

J : That depends on the location and the target object. I try to set the ISO as low as possible and set the aperture as large as possible, depending on the circumstances. I use various tools, from children's toys to LED bulbs to steel wool. This allows me to be really creative.

FC : You named your art Light Graffiti. What are your connections with the graffiti movement ?

J : Even before I started with light graffiti, I knew people that were active in the local graffiti scene. Through them I started to appreciate street art. When I discovered light graffiti I saw people also used the term light painting, but it is basically the same thing. I choose to use the term light graffiti, because I feel my work links more to the graffiti scene. Some of my work, for instance, resembles "wildstyle graffiti".

FC : Do you always have a goal in mind when you start shooting, or are your photographs more spontaneous in nature ?

J : Sometimes I have a goal in mind for what I want to achieve when I'm on the road, because I got a tip from friends or because I saw beautiful location on the internet. But, most of the time I drive around until I discover something that sparks my imagination. On the other hand, I may get inspired by one of my own photos. When I look at a shot during a photo session, for example, I may notice a coincidental pattern that I want to emphasize.

FC : If Jasper was asked to paint a shape with his torches that defines his artistic journey thus far what would he draw ?

J :  Then I will draw a figure which resembles growth, as I have started from scratch and ended up where I am now. I have a lot of ambition and still want to achieve a lot, but I've just begun. And, I believe that if you want something, you can also achieve it.

FC : Do you do commissioned work ?

J : I would not prefer it, since a client may have specific requirements. I am quite the perfectionist and find it more satisfying when I can let my creative mind go, and do what I like. Basically I’m afraid I might be hampered in my abilities.

FC : What's next ? Future projects ?

J : In the future I want to work with modeling people, for instance making silhouettes of people with light graffiti. Also, at some point in the future I'd like to bundle my best work in a book.

FC : Any last word ?

J : One common misconception about light graffiti, and light painting, is that people think that the artists use a computer program to make the light graffiti. However, it's all created in the real world, without a computer, but with the tools and techniques described above ! In any case, it is good to see so many people enthusiastic about this art form.

FC : Thank you Jasper !

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