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By Kacem |  Published on Tuesday, March 10, 2015.

Interview of EME from Murcia, Spain. Street art, humor and typography. Check out the message, you'll love it! Discovery of the week.

"No Hope" (2011)

FC : What is your name and how did you find it ?

Eme : My name is M. From the beginning I always thought that my name couldn´t be another one.

It´s the first letter of my real name and I love typography, simetries and playing with letters. The “m” is the middle letter of the alphabet. It's symmetric and in spanish you can read “eme” from ending to beginning and sounds the same. It´s a simple and shy name and I like it.

FC : Where are you from Eme? Tell us about your beginnings and your discovery of graffiti.

I came from the south-east of Spain.

My city is called Murcia. It is a very sunny place near to the sea. Life is very quiet, maybe too much, but there are lot of places where you can paint because people doesn’t care about it. On the 90`s my city and surroundings was full of graffiti and hip hop culture and we have grown with this.

FC : What are your faults and qualities?

I have a lot of faults but maybe the main one is the technique. I´ve never study fine arts and nobody has teached me to paint.

My best quality is that I love to paint and I never give up looking for my own language that helps me to express what I feel.

Detail of "Le Silence" (NDLR : Sure Eme your fault is the technique?)

FC : Do graffiti make you free?

I don’t know. Sometimes is like a desease and in the same time the remedy. I only want to paint.

FC :Did your vision of graffiti change after years?

Yes. I think that many things are changing because internet, and new technics, colors… Walls are growing in size and there are lot of new virtuous artist, but graffiti must be appreciated too.

Maybe sometimes we confound things, but everything is different, has a meaning and is valuable if it is good.

I'm not agree with the topic of the war between street art and graffiti : people can express themselves in the way they like and anything goes always with mutual respect because they are really different stuff.

FC : What's your taste in terms of books, films and music?

I love animation, cartoon and fantasy films with surrealistic style. The speech is simple and profound. My favorite films could be for example Beetlejuice, Eduard Scissorshands, Les triplettes de Belleville, the worn colors in the Jean-Pierre Jeunet`s films, and many more… In general I love those films in wich we can feel identified or simply we can learn something or enjoy for a while.

"Destroy the World" (Murcia, Spain - 2011)

Unfortunately I don’t use to read books. I have lot of bad excuses (no time, headache because I`m very hyperopic...) but I prefer books with images like typography or illustration books.

About the music I love to mix styles... It depends of the moment, but I love music.

FC : You read comics or manga? What do you think of their influence on graffiti?

I´ve really never readed too many comics and still less manga.

I think I'm very sharp-eyed and I like to observe everything I found, but I think in the 80`s the comics and video games influenced a generation of kids that ten years after became writers :)

FC : Your favorite quote?

Everything starts today.

FC : Give me a list of words to define your work (unlimited).

Naive, pessimistic, simple, profound, graphic, shy, weak...

FC : What difference do you do between the graffiti and the so-called street art?

I think they are really really different things and the problem is that we use to compare them. We have to stop comparing and start to appreciate each one.

"Think Twice" for Draw The Line festival (Campobasso, Italy)

FC : Do you practice any other art form?

I love drawing, photography... But I like every form of art even if I don't consider myself an artist.

I would like to work in the illustration world because I think it's my place, but for the moment I prefer to learn and work hard.

FC : Describe a typical day of Eme.

A typical day of me is soooo boring  so I prefer not to bore you :)

FC : Ok! How would you define your style?

Simple illustrations and typography, very weak outside but deep inside.

FC : What is the place of graffiti in your life?

Is my right hand. My left hand is the people I love.

FC : How do you organize your paintings? You make yourself more sketches or freestyle? Do you got your little habits?

I think I´m very methodic. I don't like to improvise because I´m learning each day, that´s why I prefer not to have excuses for not doing the right thing.

I like to go painting with all colors and the sketch and then always I can change little things. The most important thing for me is to improve and enjoy painting.

Eme at work (Ibiza, Spain - 2011)

FC : How do you choose your colors?

I love to use not many colors, just two scales of two colors, and I paint using the half-tones. It is good because I can play with this and it's funny and cheaper because I spend less paint.

FC : Your lettering are closer to traditional typography than Wild Style or throw-ups, are you bored by classic graffiti styles?

I'm not bored about classic, I like it, but for me the letters help to do more easy how to read the message I want to express: I try to change the typographies according to the idea and I like that people can understand what is written because the purpose is not the style of the letters but it is the meaning of the wall.

I love the traditional handmade typography and calligraphy, and I think it's a good challenge to try to do it, it´s like mathematics.

El guisante que soñaba con ser princesa (Castillo de la Araña, Spain - 2011)

FC : Same for your walls, it's closer to graphic illustration than graffiti. Can you explain us your creative process and what you want to transmit through your artwork?

I draw all the time. Sometimes, some idea or feeling get into my mind and I try to illustrate it using a simple speech. That´s all.

I only want to transmit feelings or simple conclusions that everyone could feel or think.

FC : What reaction you would have your graffiti evokes in people?

I don´t know... Maybe that people could share that feeling.

FC : Your sources of inspiration?

Love, fear and every normal day`s moments.

FC : A sound that you burned in a session graff.

I use to go to paint in abandonated-not legal places, that´s why I prefer to beware about the surrounding`s sounds, so I don't listen to any music.

FC : Your best experience in graffiti?

I think my best experience were when I painted out of my country and met other people. My favorite wall is "Le Silence".

"Le Silence" (Strasbourg, France)

FC : What would be the ultimate recognition for you?

I don´t know, but maybe that my family and friends will be proud of my work.

FC : The future projects?

Nowadays I'm very busy... Since I moved to Barcelona in October I had not painted too much because my circumstances and I really need it.
On 9 June I´m going to participate in a collective Exposition at Carhartt Gallery, Germany. My art works there will be the sketches for the next walls I´ll paint, and probably this summer I´ll go to some street art festival. Anyway my future projects will be paint and paint.

FC : The final word, dedications?

Thanks for all!

FC : Thanks Eme

More about Eme : Facebook - Flickr - Behance

"No more Tears : The crying onion" (2011)

"Game Over" (Barcelona, Spain)

Eme in action

"Try Again" (Cartagena, Spain - 2001)

"Nadie" (Murcia, Spain)

Souces : C215 (Cover) & Eme

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