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By Kacem |  Published on Tuesday, July 31, 2012.

The Crono Project was a huge success in Lisbon. Many giant walls were painted by Blu, Os Gemeos, Vhils and many more. Let's meet one of the creator...

FatCap : What is CRONO Project ?

Pedro Soares Neves : It's not easy to have just one answer to this question, my personal reply:

It's a Lisbon based "urban creativity" experiment and it goes around the concept of time (seasons) in relation with place.

FC : Who's the creator of the project?

PSN : Angelo Milano (from Fame Fest), Vhils (Alexandre Farto) and me.

FC : Can you describe the ELABORATION of the project ?

PSN : No.

Sam3 © Bella M

FC : How did you discover street art? What was the interest in art and what lead you to taking pictures of all those walls?

PSN : Personally I have lots of problems with the "art" word (street or urban…) I'm a creative citizen as we all are.

There are some "citizens" that give their life to change (without permission) the environment that's around us, and they need recognition for that, some times that recognition comes in form of festivals or gallery expositions...

But the most important it's the daily work of anonymous creative citizens that just "take care" of public space without permission with their resources.

Os Gêmeos © Bella M

FC : How did you choose the artists ?

PSN : Mostly Angelo Milano was the guy responsible for this aspect, so I cant had much detailed and rigorous info here.

Personally I can had that the choices Angelo made sense since the first group (os gémeos; blu and sam3), the relation with the available buildings was perfect.

In the second group (Lucy Mclauchlan; Eric il cane and the portuguese ARM) we introduced the local authors.

ARM (Detail) © Stick2Target

Erica Il Cane (Detail) © Stick2Target

ARM (Detail) © Stick2Target

In the third group (Momo, Vhils, Brad Downey) we have started to change the paradigm of mural painting and introducing more unexpected (for city council and general "public") approaches.

Momo (Detail)

In the last group (Akay, Boris Hoppek) the interventions were almost totally performative.

Akay "Instrument of mass destruction"

Boris Hoppek

FC : What's about the spots in Lisbon and the authorization? Can you explain us how did you proceed? What was the reaction of the local authorities?

PSN : This was my personal responsibility, and it comes from a long and complex relation with the city council since 2008. In practical terms we had a bag of spots and showed it to the authors, they select the spot and we managed with the city council the permit for action.

FC : What was the reaction of the people?

PSN : Generally good since the beginning, and as time passed there's a feeling ownership in Lisbon, that have good aspects (open city…) and bad aspects (big production mural based ideal vs self action capacitation).

FC : Any stories about the Crono project?

PSN : Os Gémeos asked me: "if you had the possibility to scream loud to my regular job boss what should it be?" In the next day the wall of the place were I worked had my fu%k words all over!

FC : What's coming up in the next few months? Show, book etc.

PSN : Crono it's over with the ebook !

Personally I'm doing some local (Lisbon) projects that I hope it will be very polemical in terms of the global "street art" scene.

FC : How is your relation with the street art scene now?

PSN : Since I've been doing stuff (first as individual graffiti author) in the 90's, I've tried to be faithful to my personal need for engaging with the environment. This form of action had lots of labels trough time. There are some that say that street art it's just contemporary art, and for me this it's an important step. But my personal view it's that life = art and there are people who do beautiful things with their life.

All the rest it's the same cycle that every "art" movement followed, my work goes around the fringes that (hopefully) will not be caught by (the many times fair) businesses that are being made. I'm focused in urban design perspective around the totally natural subject…

Vhils © Vhils

FC : How would you define street art ?

PSN : Another label for psicogeography...

FC : Any artist you would work with ?

PSN : None, just creative citizens!

FC : Any other session / places coming for the  CRONO project ?

PSN : No.

FC : What's your real goal?

PSN : Citizen self management of public space trough every day creative (art) actions.

FC : Any word of wisdom ?

PSN : Play!



Erica Il Cane © Stick2Target

Lucy McLauchlan © Stick2Target

Lucy McLauchlan (Detail) © Stick2Target

ARM © Keef Chemistry

ARM (Detail) © Keef Chemistry

Musique par Os Gemeos, Studiocromie, Koyo & Blu


Webserie titled Streetosphère with Pedro Soares Neves

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