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By Lindsayt |  Published on Monday, October 11, 2010.

Something awesome must have happened in Tel Aviv to convince an Italian artist to make it his home after exhibiting at the Inspiration Art Festival. Read more inside for details!

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FatCap was able to catch up with Inspire after he put on the Inspiration Art Festival, Tel Aviv, Israel. The last time we spoke to him, he was in the throws of planning and had invited participants from around the world to contribute to the production. We are more than impressed to hear the festival was such a success his collective was able to extend the show to a new location, HaTachana (Old Train Station) on display September 21st to October 21st!


We asked him questions for the details :


How many artists sent in work, and how many artists came from outside of the country to participate?
This year we had a really great mix (about 50/50) of local and international public artists. We even included some tattoo artists this year as well. Total number of artists in the show was about 72. Artists like C215, Know Hope, Encore, The Young, and Mimi the Clown all displayed exceptional work, to name a few. Visiting artists include Mr Di Maggio from Milan and JamOne from the UK. Both of them are great people and even though they were visiting, Mr. DiMaggio decided to live here, and JamOne will be returning to paint in a few weeks.



Can you describe the space you were working with and why you chose it as the location of your event?
Scouting and hunting down abandoned and neglected spaces in the city is a lot more complex than many people realize, so when preparing a show we have multiple locations that serve as possibilities for a show outcome, and as opening day gets closer, we decide on what is the best location from what we have found. This year, the first choice for Inspiration Art Festival was an abandoned building in Central Tel Aviv, but when it came down to it we had to chose another location due to public safety issues. There is a lot to consider when curating a public event. Eventually we decided that an interior location (Comfort13) would be more suitable for public invitation. After showing at Comfort13, we were asked by HaTachana (Old Train Station) if we could install the show at their location. We are showing in 2 buildings, one which is an large old train hanger, and the other is smaller and more gallery like. Because there is so much space there will be new works submitted throughout the month.


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Did you receive any surprise submissions? Prized submissions? Can you describe and highlight some of the pieces that seemed to really make an impression?
We are always getting new stuff in the mail, everything is a surprise. This year some kids who were staying at the youth hostel in Florentine, that Mr. Di Maggio now works at, came to paint some panels during the Inspiration Art Festival ENCORE @ HaTachana, the shows current location. C215, Tant (Broken Fingaz Crew), Mimi the Clown, Funk25, Mittenimwald, TONA, ENCORE, JAM FREE, Mr. Di Maggio, and The Young all did amazing works. You just have to see it for yourself!



Was there a piece that did something fresh and new, maybe a new technique, that you want to highlight?
During Mr. Di Maggio's live painting at Comfort13, he was open enough to let Noa (our daughter) get up on stage with him and paint on the piece he was working on. As parents we felt that it was very open minded of Mr. Di Maggio to not only allow but encourage Noa to paint along with him, and Noa had an amazing time helping to create.







Describe the general atmosphere of the event. What was the audience reaction?
Comfort13 is a music venue, where we had live D.J.'s accompanying the visual art. You can see the video of opening night here:



Our friend Nir Weiss did an amazing job filming and editing this short film that makes you feel like your walking through opening night. Now that we are showing at HaTachana (Old Train Station), the first thing that you notice is that it is a much larger venue. We are showing in 2 buildings, one which is an oldschool train hanger, and the other is smaller and more gallery like, so it provides a good balance. You can watch a walk through of the show at HaTachana (Old Train Station) here and here.



How did this event differ from previous events?
Abandoned buildings are not accessible to the entire public. Having legal venues like Comfor13 and Hatachana (Train Station) allows us to extend an invitation to literally everyone.



What was the public reaction to the event? Did this event seem to extend outside of your normal community that attends?
Again, 2 separate venues, 2 separate audiences completely. At Comfort13 we had prepared for 6 months to show for 2 days. We extended email invitations, posters went up, fliers were handed out, newspapers were informed. The Train Station already has a default flow of traffic, about half tourist and half local so we are talking to many different kinds of people through out the month. Not all visitors are prepared for the visual they find, so its somewhat comical for us to see people take one step in and turn right around. One unique thing about this show for us is the amount of walk-in views. During the holidays here, we had over 1.000 people walk through before noon each day, and we are open every day from 10am till 10pm.








You said that there's been some interest from the traditional art museums in Tel Aviv, can you talk about the next steps?
Next month, we will be doing some live painting for a Tel Aviv Art Museum Donators Show which is pretty high profile. Depending on the success with that show, we will see what happens in the future with the Tel Aviv Art Museum.



What's next for the Inspiration Art Collective?
The Inspire Collective always has plans in the works. Our open call for art is 24/7 365 days a year. ReUse works recieved by March 2011 will be installed in our 4th Annual ReUse Project called REUSE & RESIST! In addition, we are planning on opening the 2nd Annual Inspiration Art Festival in June 2011, so works should be received by late May.









Finally, any advice for organizing this type of event for other people trying to do the same?
We can't speak for other parts of the world as of yet, but here in the Middle East we remain dedicated 100% of our time. So, it's not easy, but if you have a love for humanity and art like we do, being able to do what you love, no matter how hard the work, greatly outweighs any negatives.




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