Illusion in Agadir


By Vincent Morgan |  Published on Thursday, January 8, 2015.

Senzo and Abid, two moroccan graffiti artists realized a stunning wall in Agadir, Morocco. Illusion and interaction for your eyes pleasure.

Artists Senzo and Abid celebrated the 10th anniversary of the agency Azigzao by producing a beautiful hand themed mural in Residences Talborjt’s square, located in the city center of Agadir.

Senzo and Abid, who are known for their large scale murals in Casablanca as well as their great technical versatility, met the challenge of creating a realistic piece which naturally appealed to the eye and encouraged playful interactions between the viewers and the art.

Discover this original concept through a video made by Watcheuz that will make you travel and visit the city of Agadir with a brand new eye.

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