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By Lindsayt |  Published on Wednesday, March 30, 2011.

What's with all the buffing of good work and legendary spots lately? The offender: Adidas. The crime: Buffing over a legendary wall in Warsaw without City Council permisison.

This doesn't make any sense.  Adidas is one of those brands that employ graffiti and street artists.  Yet, they violated a whole community of artists this past week in Warsaw by painting over a legendary wall to put up their own advertisment.  And unlike Askew's situation in Auckland, they did not even have bureaucratic support from the Warsaw City Council.





The wall is a mecca for the local graffiti artists and the Polish hip-hop scene.  Documentaries have been filmed here, and artists from around the world have painted this wall.  You could compare it to the legendary status of 5Pointz if that iconic place wasn't in a league of it's own.  This wall is nearly 1.5 km long, and was covered in pieces of all styles and colors.  Well, until Adidas got caught red-handed, rather black-handed.



As the quickly growing Facebook group Adisucks writes in Polish, the situation is scandalous regardless, but given Adidas's status in our community, it seems absurd that the company would make such a huge snafu like this one.  It's out of character to do something so antoganistic to one of their most loyal customer bases.  Indeed, it's just bad business. 


So how personally should we take this?  The group says "By doing so they show everything about their thinking, that they do not care about our history, our work."  They are announcing a general boycott of Adidas products, and say firmly that the company cannot kill something that is "part of our history" where "artists around the world come to put their own money into their own work."



From 4 days ago - March 26th - when the video of the buff work was originally posted until now, many things have transpired in the group's and our community's favor.  First, Adidas began to retreat.   The owner of the wall denied giving the company approval to post their advertisment.  Second, the City Council realized that they did not give Adidas permission to post the fence and occupy the sidewalk.  And, third, Adidas is trying to "pass the buck" by blaiming other companies.





Adidas is receiving the bad karma in return with bad press.  It sure does not help their campaign that they were trying to roll out.  The City Council ordered Adidas to dismatle the fence, so now the wall is free to paint.  Of course this is cause for celebration.  On Sunday, Adisucks has a huge jam that is "110% Adidas Free" to cover those parts that were destroyed.  Look on the bright size?  Nice, fresh black coat to paint over?


"ADIDAS = All Day I Destory and Suck"


Adisucks on Facebook


Thank you to Karol for bringing this story to our attention and thank you to Google Translate for allowing us to capture all of the information from the Adisucks Facebook Page.


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