Histoire d'un mur Part 1


By Vincent Morgan |  Published on Wednesday, July 24, 2013.

Here are the first four walls of the summer event : "Histoire d'un Mur". Poch, Popay, Honet, Sowat, Lek, Tilt, Kazy, Tober and Kool T shot by 4 different video-makers. A must see !

Histoire d'un mur  street art graffiti

Here is a summary of the first part of the original event called "Histoire d'un Mur" in Nantes, France.

The concept ? A selection of handpicked artists from different backgrounds. A big wall in the city of Nantes, a total artistic freedom given to the artists and filmmakers. Each wall will be shot by a filmmaker to offer a unique interpretation of each artwork. The concept works well, here are the four walls of the nine planned that have already been painted​​. Truly awesome... Videos and pictures after the jump.

We look forward to the next wall, do not hesitate to visit the website of the association Pick Up Production to follow the future walls.

Wall #1 : Lek and Sowat shot by Charlie Mars

First artists were Lek, Sowat and Outsider. A wall that plays with abstract shapes, solids, layering and finally deliver a nice wordplay "Nantes la Jolie" (Nantes the beautiful in reference from another french city named Mantes-la-Jolie.

Lek  Sowat street art graffiti

Lek  Sowat street art graffiti

Wall #2 : Tilt, Tober and Kool T shot by Sebastien Marqué

It is therefore Tilt, Kool T and Tober who painted the wall for the second session. Tribute to graffiti vandal pureness. Throwie, tags and drips love. The pure energy of crude aesthetics. The wall looked like an ancient wall vandalized for years. And finally, it is painted white to denounce the anguish and grief of anti-graffiti policy.

Tilt kool T tober street art graffiti

Histoire d'un mur tilt tober kool t

tilt kool t tober street art graffiti

Wall #3 : Poch, Kazy and Honet shot by Gaëtan Chataigner

This time it is Kazy, Honet and Poch who painted the wall. Minimalist work on the concept of mask. Kazy for the cat, Poch for Pantere and Honet for hybrid robot. The phrase "They advance masked" is a reference to vandal artists...

honet  poch kazy street art graffiti

honet poch kazy street art graffiti

Popay  street art graffiti

Kazy honet poch street art graffiti

Wall #4 : Popay shot by Mathieu "Le Dude"

The fourth wall is a work of Popay that invites us to visit his jungle where man seems lost in an anarchy of life, colors and wild nature that regain their rights.

popay street art graffiti

Popay  street art graffiti

Popay  street art graffiti

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