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By Lindsayt |  Published on Thursday, October 7, 2010.

Got the Fever? Meyhem Lauren's with you on his new track from his album 'Self Induced Illness'. Graffiti video inside.


Meyhem Lauren's peppered a lot of mixtapes by other rappers, but his solo track and video on graffiti fever got our eyes and ears hooked.

Meyhem Lauren, out of Queens, New York, put up a new track 'Got the Fever' and sweet video to go along with it as an ode to NYC Graffiti.  It's got a classic hip hop feel that we rarely hear from the mainstream anymore, and anecdotal lyrics that most of you will want to break down over and over again.  We can't wait for when the entire mixtape drops.


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Featuring Cope2, Jee, Jaes, Wane, Ovie, the Smart Crew and many others...


Artist: Meyhem Lauren
Track: 'Got The Fever'
Album: Self Induced Illness
Track Produced by: Icerocks
Video Directed by: Tom Gould -
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