Graffiti and sweets


By Wessame Benahcene |  Published on Wednesday, February 5, 2014.

If you like sweets you'll love this article ! MadC and Soten open for you, in Copenhagen, the door to an enchanted world full of colors and very sweet !

Article by Wessame Benahcene for FatCap.

For fans of sweets, cakes and other delicious treats : two artists with different worlds have associated their talents. Food lovers are not going to lose their appetite with Soten and MadC. A delicious mix for a stunning result.

The artists chose the perfect setting for an quite original theme : a quiet area in Copenhagen, a park, nature, a few homes around and a few outdoor games for children near. When you look at the result, all that can be said is the artist created a 10ft high per 30ft long piece of perfection.

The world of sweets is subtly represented in flashy and pastel colors, and all you you want to do is dive into the wall for a sweet treat in a world of Cuddlebears where you can feast on all that is built around you. Ice cream and candy canes melt into a Willy Wonka like chocolate fountain.

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