Graffiti and Politics


By Kacem |  Published on Friday, May 4, 2012.

Amazing selection of politician graffiti portraits from all over the world.

Political figures inspire graffiti and street artists. Stencil, realistic portrait, wheatpaste, or caricature, you'll find here a selection of pictures made by our team.
Whether dead or alive, man or woman, idolized or hated, these politician have the honor of being in the street!

Unknow artist (Paris, France) - Source : VitoStreet

Aeon & Gloar (Rennes, France)

RaspouTeam (Paris, France) - Source : VitoStreet

RaspouTeam (Paris, France) - Source : Chrixcel

Shaka (Evry, France)

Lydia Emily (Oakland, USA)

JP Malot (Paris, France)

Jinks (Nantes, France)

Krem (Nice, France)

Aeon (Rennes, France)

Ivesone (Doel, Belgium)

Jinks (Nantes, France)

Hate (Evry, France)

"Theodor Heuss" by Dige (Berlin, Germany)

Sixo (Paris, France) - Source : VitoStreet

Unknow artist (Italy) - Source : Cmdpirx

Mr. Brainwash (Paris, France) - Source : VitoStreet

Tilt (Paris, France) - Source : VitoStreet

"Neil Abercrombie" by Estria (Honolulu, Hawaii)

Jef Aerosol (Paris, France)

Ladamenrouge (Saint-Étienne, France)

Absent (Iolcus, Greece)

Estria & 357 (Oakland, USA)

Rex6 (Orléans, France)

Mr. Brainwash (Los Angeles, USA) - Source : Unurth

Ezra Li Eismont (San Francisco, USA)

Artiste inconnu (Ville insonnue) - Source : The Mouarf

"Human Shame" by Feustay, Kalouf, 2rode, Sway, Mel1 & Rem1 (Niort, France) - Source : StarTape (Athens, Greece) (Kalamata, Greece) (Athens, Greece)

Source couverture : Thias

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