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By Vincent Morgan |  Published on Monday, December 28, 2009.

Nice interview of G-Kill, well known for his body painting art.

Who are you, and what do you do?


I’m Rémy, 25 years old. I am a graphic designer by trade and have been a passionate graffiti and street artist for a few years now… Be it on walls, furniture, vinyl, fabrics… but also on girls! I paint a little on all sorts of medias!


Nice job! How did you get into Body Art?

All stupidly I want to say! For a small anecdote… I didn’t have any inspiration to draw in front of my white sheet (the famous syndrome of the white sheet!!) and while I was trying to find a bit of creativity in vain, my ex girlfriend got out of the shower… and suddenly after a couple of glances between her and my white sheet of paper… well, it all started from there!


bodypainting by gkill




If you could graffiti any celebrity. Who would it be?

Ahh… good question. I’ll say Scarlett Johansson! Haha!


Any tips for beginners?


Not really, this is the sort of thing you need to learn as you go along in my opinion. On a separate note though, try not to pick models who are too ticklish!


Are there any body areas you pay special attention to!?


I do not paint the models ‘intimate’ parts, it’s in no ones interest, except in private that is! But with that being said it is necessary to go gentle over the nipples…



What’s your funniest Graffiti Body Art story?


Haha! I know plenty but not sure if I should tell you… therefore I use my Joker card!


art on body


graffiti on girls


If any models want to be painted on, where can they find you?


They can contact me directly through my website –



Thanks for your time. Is there anything else you’d like to add?


It was my pleasure! Just some dedications, in particular to Do, my mates Nektar, Marriage, Coktail, Evok, Sword and all those that I know, to my crew the 69DB and thank you also to Poter and Blitz that gave me the taste for Graffiti Bodypaint in the beginning.

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