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By Vincent Morgan |  Published on Friday, August 31, 2012.

Samantha Lo known as SKL0 was arrested in Singapore for adorning funny stickers... FatCap supports the Free SKL0 movement.

Skl0 arrested in Singapore

Samantha Lo known as SKL0 is a 25 year old Singaporean street artist, graphic artist, former National Art Gallery curator, entrepreneur, and blogger. She was arrested for adorning crosswalk buttons with adhesive Singlish colloquialisms like “Press Until Shok” and more universal pleasantries like “Press to Time Travel.” She now awaits her fate after being accused of vandalism.

In Singapore acts of "vandalism" are taken very seriously. Many foreigners were incarcerated for painting subway trains in the past. If charged, Samantha Lo could face up to three years in jail... Why? Because of these funny stickers in the street...  

Please give her your support an sign this online petition demanding that Singapore’s Ministry of Home Affairs instead charge her with a miscellaneous offense against public order because her stickers are "harmless" and in "light humor."

Lo’s work and arrest have sparked much controversy. On June 12, more than 70 people attended a public forum on art censorship in Singapore moderated by Intercultural Theatre Institute director T. Sasitharan. Janice Koh, a member of Singaporean Parliament, advocated for leniency in Lo's case, noting, "It is almost impossible to talk about developing a culturally vibrant, creative or lovable city, without some tolerance for those slightly messy activities that sometimes challenge the rules. For Singapore, it would be useful to make a distinction between this kind of art and outright graffiti or vandalism that seeks to deliberately destroy public property for its own sake."

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