Ex vandals reunited


By Vincent Morgan |  Published on Friday, June 21, 2013.

The famous NYC Ex Vandal crew came to Oakland to paint with their brethren to pay homage to Patti Astor and the Fun Gallery from early 80's fame.

Ex vandals graffiti jam in oakland

Article and pictures by Nite Owl for FatCap

Mark this on your graffiti calendars, history was made. NYC came to Oakland, CA and rocked it proper. You know about the Ex Vandal crew and their being pioneers of graffiti. Their legend speaks for itself. Originating in NYC they've spread out to the west coast of Cali and have gone worldwide. Well for this one weekend, Wicked Gary, Flint, Kool Kito, Bids and Cone all came out to Oakland to reunite with some of their west coast brethren to pay homage to Patti Astor and her Fun Gallery from early 80's fame.

Ex vandals graffiti crew in California

Ex vandals wall in oakland

Pete Brennan Productions, Loakal Gallery and Know Such Things came together to provide a wall and a gallery show for all the artists involved. Patti Astor came out to kick it with all her old friends and to make some new ones.

Legends walked amongst us for 3 days. Stab came out from Baltimore to be re-united with his mentor, Cuba. Local OG's such as Pengo, Stan 153, Kufue, Joker, Agana, Krash, Ink, Resek, Sno, Mace, Refa, Nate 1 and K2 joined some of their newest members, Creature and Chris Granillo in a wall jam. It's very fitting that this all went down in Oakland. As a native New Yorker I can vouch that present day Oakland has the same kind of excitement and electricity in the air as 1980's NYC did.

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