End of the 2 wheel trip


By Vincent Morgan |  Published on Thursday, March 14, 2013.

Hozoï has just finished his graffiti world tour: the "Hozoi two-wheel Trip". Amazing walls and motorcycles from all around the world.

Hozoi in sénégal graffiti travel

Hozoi in senegal graffiti trip

We already told you about this rad trip Hozoï started last year, the Hozoi 2-wheel trip. The trip is finished and the artist brought incredible pictures of motorcycles and huge graffiti piece from Indonesia, Japan, Mongolia, Germany, Peru, United States and Senegal.

The project was an idea of ​​Hozoï after having painted the walls of the headquarters of Motul in Aubervilliers. Motul has agreed to be the sponsor of the trip. Seven months later, Hozoï discovered cultures associated with the use of motorized two-wheel vehicles in different regions of the world: riders, "biker", sporting travelers, lovers and outdoor travel raids...

Here are several of his walls, you can see more pictures and video on his blog. Enjoy!

Hozoi à los angeles voyage graffiti

Hozoi au los angeles voyage graffiti

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