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By Vincent Morgan |  Published on Friday, December 18, 2009.

Nice article by "My love for you" about their visit to Elbow Toe's studio in brooklyn. Pictures and interview of the street artist.

Here's some pictures of Elbow Toe's studio in brooklyn from 'My love for you'. Don't hesitate to check this article and also the interview made last year. More information and links after the jump.


elbow toe wheatpaste


elbow toe studio


elbow toe piece of art


m: i became aware of your work about 2 or 3 yrs long have been putting stuff out on the street?
e: april was actually my 4 year anniversary.

m: how come this month 4 yrs ago it happened? had you wanted to get work out before?
e: not really, i was sort of vaguely aware or street art, i had been thinking about it 2 years before that. that it would be an interesting experiment to take some lithographs i was working on and seal them in a plastic covering and leave them on the streets for people, but i sort of lost interest…and just got back to studio to answer the question of why it has been 4 years i basically was working at a web firm as their senior programmer and one day this guy comes in with a book of neckface. so i just started drawing in chalk this little character, the "ELBOW-TOE"

me: i read that your name comes from a sort of spoof off of neckface.

e: yeah, someone at my job had been complaining about him and i was sort of joking around that if i was a graf writer i would be ELBOW-TOE

me: ha.
e: that was a few weeks before i saw that book, so it must have been some alignment of the stars or something.


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Studio visit with Elbow Toe


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Elbow Toe official site

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