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By Vincent Morgan |  Published on Sunday, February 22, 2015.

Fresh news from Eaz, check out this 2013 new interview. Let's talk about tattoos, walls and blackbooks.

FatCap : Hello EAZ ! So what have you been up to ?

Eaz : What's up bro ! It feels like an infinite amount of things have happened since the last time we spoke. I have been tattooing more and more trying to refine my craft. Tattooing has definitely been one of the hardest things I have embarked on learning. The challenge is great and the personal rewards are plentiful. In essence I switched careers and sacrificed that feeling of security and all of life's pleasures that any common nine to five job could give you in order to learn. I love it. Right now it affords me the time and freedom to do my side projects. Painting has also been on the back burner for sometime until recently. Tattooing demands a ton of dedication  when you have a specific aesthetic goal you are trying to shoot for. I am not exactly there yet in my opinion but you can bet I will get there soon enough. I feel like I am at another cusp in my life. I love clients like the ones I have been having recently that trust me, my abilities and most importantly they love my art. I am not always just striving for my own artistic evolution and advancement but also technique. Many variables that are not visible at the surface make up the larger picture in any art form, that goes triple for the world of tattooing.

FC : Have you been painting any new walls ?

E : I have been lucky enough to have been sponsored by Montana Germany to paint a few walls. Since I had an abundance of paint I went in and started in on sketching a concept for a big long wall that I had lined up for sometime. The "Still Anointed" wall was a big ass wall for me to do by myself. I tried to paint a timeless good themed wall that I can be proud of for years to come. It felt great once I was done with it because I got to do what I like to do, background, wild style and characters.

Click below to see the entire wall :

E : Montana also wanted video so I obliged them with that as well as pictures. I did another wall with my 4Delf brothers that turned out nice. It was Serp, Gore and myself. "4Delf Styles 101" That wall also got a video. It was a cool to be able film us painting because you never know when the next time you are going to see friends that live so far apart from each other like we do.

Click below to see the entire wall :

After all that Montana paint ran out I had a few cans left over from various paint brands that are also very good.

FC : When will you release a new DVD ?

E : Since last we spoke I released the 3rd and final DVD of the trilogy, The Future of Graffiti : Black Book Sessions. I think the key to any successful graffiti artist’s career is the work you put in experimenting and drawing. There is no substitute for flexing your illustration skills on paper, an essential part of properly honing your skills which will directly affect your black books and walls in a positive manner.

Inside “Black Book Sessions” I walk you through my chosen formulas for executing full color black book illustration work. Techniques on how I use colors, highlighting and shading my lettering, backgrounds and characters are all covered. There is also some absolutely insane and insightful exclusive bonus footage with GIANT, BATES, SERVE and SEW. I guarantee you have never seen some of these amazing artists draw and speak on style and theory the way they do on this DVD. This last one turned out to be a truly unique experience.

Creating The Future of Graffiti DVDs has been a great experience and I will always have the trilogy available to people seeking them. It is satisfying to know that throughout the world these DVDs are revered to be a world renown ground breaking series on technique and style. It simply justifies all of my hard work and effort. I will always know they are worth watching.

Since then I started something that is somewhat of never ending project. It is a growing library of in-depth online streaming FOCUS videos.These streaming FOCUS videos have allowed me a new platform to cover many facets of graffiti art I find important to explore in a much more “focused” manner. There is no better way to continuously offer a wide array of new and different videos than to make them streaming from now on. I have been itching to do these sort of videos for a while now and I consider them all to be the perfect follow up to The Future of Graffiti DVD Trilogy. They definitely hold their own individually. Most of them are 30 minutes and cover a very specific topic. There is no reason to make more physical DVDs. I basically have  an entire DVD within each FOCUS video but now these videos are streaming. This way I can still offer topics of great relevance in a more timely and instant manner. The other huge difference with this streaming format is that it is viewable at a fraction of the cost of DVD prices. Many thought processes and techniques are shared with the viewer within these FOCUS videos. I will hopefully inspire people to use them as a library resource and reference for thier own creations. As time progresses I will go through various topics, burners, wild style connections, character design, can control and black book techniques, just to name a few. I am honored to bring people a deeper insight and exploration into what I love to do by producing and sharing a multitude of random topics. The freedom to show what I want to show now is unparalleled.

FC :  I am sure some people are unaware of "The E Book" project you recently launched. Why not a regular book ? Why an eBook ? This seems quite interesting. Can you tell us more about it ?

E : I started a new concept for me that I launched called The E Book project. I invited some great artists like Bates from Sweden, Shem from Australia and Stem from New York to get down. All dope artists to me. I have been following their work for years. In due time they will have EBooks available on the website as well as my own. I started off the project with my E Book. It is a compilation of many years worth of some select illustrations and loose sketches. I put this collection together to be used as reference and inspiration in the tradition of established tattoo artist books. I have been wanting to put a traditional printed book together but was not too excited about the fact that it would not be made accessible to everyone all around the world in that typical form. The lack of proper distribution will affect universal accessibility.

The fact that there is a decline in existing book stores and a decline in physical books being sold was also part of my decision to make these downloadable EBooks. I wanted everyone who was interested in attaining it’s contents to have it instantly no matter where in the world they resided. That goes for any artist that has their own EBook with Eaz One Productions. No limited edition book runs. Just dope artwork created by the artist, for the artist. There is also no exaggerated prices to alienate anyone either. I mean, I have seen some artist books go for $200 ? ? Get the fuck out of here. I am definitely not bagging on books because I own many. I am just trying to have everything I do accessible to the masses. A traditional low number run book simply can not do that without a ridiculous amount of distribution. I feel everyone should have the right to see it's contents. With this format you can either open just to browse through it, print one page or you can print out the whole book. The choice is yours. You can carry this book on any flash drive and pop it in your laptop or home computer. My EBook was not intended for you to copy it’s contents directly. Instead use this book to see how hours of extensive sketching and illustration can vastly improve any final piece. Whether it be on canvas, someone’s skin or on a wall. I know people will enjoy what is to be the first of many. Oh yea, keep a look out for the magazine I am producing next year as well.

FC : We know you make music but we also heard that you MC ? We heard a couple tracks and I have to say they are very dope !

Thank you ! Since before I was making beats I felt like I had skill for the verbals so originally the intent to officially start taking it seriously came about in 2005. I got my gear on point and then just ended up dropping it due to life getting in the way. Years later when I linked up with my fellow 4Delf crew members Serp and Gore my creativity took another serious turn back into music. Frank Mason (EAZ) and Dutch Bolts (SERP) is who we are and "Mason and Bolts" is the name. The album coming out will be called "The Grey Area Album". I have to say this has been one of the best projects I have been a part of in a long time. To be able to do it with my brother Serp and accomplishing a more refined sound at the same time is so dope to me. Music has always been a part of my life since I was a kid. To come full circle with music that is relevant on a personal level is awe inspiring to me. I love it. If you listen to our music you have to forget what you can hear now on the radio, If you are feeling that what is considered radio worthy then you will most definitely not love our music. If you love real official and unique hip hop then I think we will be on your play list once we release our album and every track from then on. This music thing we are doing is virtually giving birth to itself.

Mason and Bolts

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