Early to Rise


By Lindsayt |  Published on Saturday, April 16, 2011.

Time to get out of the museum and back on the streets. FatCap got an early morning wake up call to catch up with Dabs, Myla, How & Nosm as they tackled Day 2 on this wall in Hollywood.

Dabs & Myla, the Australian duo known for their colorful and witty pieces, tag teamed a 2nd wall with How & Nosm, the Tats Crew twins, in Los Angeles.  They started the wall yesterday, and quickly realized how brutal the Souhern California sun can be by 5PM.  Well, of course this means that they must hit the streets early to avoid the heat.  So while artists are working off their hangovers from all the events surrounding MoCA's new exhibit  "Art in the Streets", we received a text at 7:45 AM letting us know that they were out painting and ready for us to swing by.  Nobody said a solid "work ethic" is only reserved for Americans!  Let them show you how it's done:

Unlike the wall all four did for the LA Free Walls (which is bangin') this week in Downtown LA, the artists are spontaneously intertwining their unique styles over every square foot.

Full Photoset by Lindsay, Managing Editor

Updated, final wall with RIME too:

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