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By Vincent Morgan |  Published on Wednesday, August 10, 2011.

Doves is the winner of the Estria Battle in NYC. Let's ask him some questions and discover all the artworks of the battle.

While the west coast Battle will took place in Los Angeles next week end let's go back to the NYC Battle and meet the winner Doves! Interview, video and artworks of all the gifted writers who dropped some flow during the Big Apple battle.



Who is Doves? Can you present you for those who don't know?
I am a graffiti writer out of Alphabet City in the Lower East Side, I rep TC5, FC and TCKru. Enjoying being young, painting and staying fly with it.

Why did you participate to the Estria Battle? What's new this year? You already won the Harlem Battle back in 2009 right?
Well I decided to join the battle beause Nyc never really had anything like that. All the skaters and bmx dudes had all those event in Chelsea Piers or Flushing Meadows. But this was our very own competition and I had to sign up. But it felt even better to roast and win! What I like about this year as suppose to two years ago was that whole X-games feel the whole atmosphere just felt pro. For once the "writer" mattered and it felt dope.

Can you describe your piece?
My piece took me some time to gather up in my head. Usually when I hear the word I know what I'm gonna do off the jump. Then the obviously came to me that everybody was gonna drop something with water. So I fell back for the first 25 min in the competition to peep everbody moves and do the total opposite. In Hip Hop everything has to flow so I went that route with all the elements with some extra tricks like the DONDI silhouette and the "YoMTV raps" logo.Those details that people can bug out too and relate... and I won!

Did you made some new connexions during the battle?
Yeah man for sure seen some old friends made some new ones.Voltron!

Ready for Cali? Will you bring them original NY style or will you try to adapt to the westcoast style?
Im ready for Cali without a doubt. But I may have to flip to that cali style with a wave of that NY funk. For sure this will be fun!

Who's the most dangerous competitor? The fancied? Any forecast?
Well I'll have to see who's in the Oakland battle first, and my forecast... bring the marshmellos.

What's next for you? Any project ?
Art Basel in miami, and at the end of august, peace yall!


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