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By Lindsayt |  Published on Thursday, March 3, 2011.

Catch up with bunny M and Square as they give us the scoop on Denver Street Art

Young graffiti artist and future street visionary Antonio takes to the streets of Denver, the big queen city of all the western plains to get the 411 on the Denver graffiti scene and to check some raw, uncut, and fresh street art.  We're learning a bit of Denver's graffiti history from bunny M and Square.  This is:  Denver.




FC: So whats the 411 on Denver Graffiti or Street Art Scene?

bunny M:  Still a young street art scene in my opinion. There are lots of stickers, lots of ideas even, but not a lot of people pushing the boundaries. I definitely notice all the stickers that are slapped up but mostly I see walls in need of art!


Square: Pretty underground and unknown. Not very many people know of it other than people who are involved in the art scene.



FC: Which neighborhood's are hot for big walls and pieces and which neighborhoods are covered in tags?


Square: I could tell you there are hundreds of walls where they are covered in grey buff paint because tags just don't seem to last. A lot of walls and alley ways on Santa Fe.


bunny M: Everything gets covered really quickly so it is hard to say wich neighborhoods are good.Randomly or by trial and error you will find a really good hot spot.





FC: What is difference about your city's scene compared to other city's?


bunny M: Denver is like a play ground so much room to go and put up a piece. The risk you take when putting up a piece worrying on when it gets buffed. I like doing such big posters because more people can look at them. It's nice to know your stuff stands out.




FC: Are there trains and bridges to bomb? Where does bombing show up the most?


Square: I'm not sure about actually doing it, but there is a train yard in commerce city off of high way two, there are two level SCX trains that park for about two days or so. I see a lot of great train pieces from all over, different trains all the time with lots of different graffiti on them.







FC: Which artists really represent the scene very well in terms of style?


Square: Well seeming there is only a hand-full of us in the wheat paste scene, I would say bunny M.  I have seen other wheat paste artists that do street art but never really leave any thing major because things get buffed a lot. Denver has a lack of street art. It's a little anoying when we see paste ups they are almost always photocopies not origional pieces of art.


bunny M: I could say alot of people from New York who's work I admire but not many people in Colorado are into the street art scene. I guess it is growing as time goes on which is nice.  A lot of people do it in bigger citys all the time. I saw a piece the other day I lked tons, i've seen a few of them, someone does these animals made out of spikey colored triangles and they put up a leaping cat in that style the otherday that was really great. Some one signed it jack but I don't know if that is the artist or not.




FC:  Who are the biggest crews in your city?


bunny M: I think there are a few painters from the DF crew that put out some stuff around Denver which is cool. I roll solo I don't know much of all these things. Also the scenes are a bit seperate so I don't hang out or know lots of graff writers or crews.  A lot of graff writers don't notice wheat paste because they think all posters are made in the studio, which they are but that supposedly limits the danger factor because graff writers have to be so level headed in what they do. I respect what they do but its a different style of art.





FC: What styles don't you see alot of in the area that you wish you did?


bunny M: I would like to see more wheat paste/street art or murals like on the side of buildings. It would be cool if more out of town artists put up pieces here too, like the MAC that's been on the side of a buiding on broadway for a few years now is amazing to look at.


Square: More wheat paste and street art, only because there are just a hand- full of people in the poster era in Colorado, a lot of people are into the whole spray paint and letter scene.




FC:What does your city need to prop up the graffiti scene?


bunny M: Well for a while the Denver Performing Arts center had a big Shepard Fairy poster for a while and no one knows why it was up, especially in a city that does not encourage street art right now. But if the city would train the buff guys to use thier minds a bit more and reconize the difference between gang graff and tagging; or if the art is positive or if it just vandlism. A lot of the galleries in Denver don't know what street art is and don't take it serious as fine art.




FC: Can you talk about with respects as to activities or events in other citys?


bunny M: When I lived in new york I would go into the galleries and I was often much more impressed by what I saw in the streets on the way to the galleries.





FC:  Can you talk about the most impressive project you have seen since you started fallowing graffiti?


bunny M: Blu's animations are really great, but also his paintings are realy good. There is another artist named Cake in New York who does really small paintings of figures with there insides exposed, I find her insperational. KK from Budapest is really good too.



FC:How do you see the whole graffiti/street art picture within the next five to ten years?


Square:  I see it growing. I wish artists like us would have some sort of role in the growth of street art in denver.


bunny M:I see the galleries changing more. I feel in the future more people will accept the difference and uderstand art and vandalism.




FC: If the denver graffiti art scene was a book, movie, or musician who would it be?


bunny M & Square: A book because I feel like its verry misterious here because it is unknown, and also like a book because you never know whats on the next page. When you open a book you can be in the book and never know what comes next. As far as painting in Denver it is not very modern being the big queen city of the plains, and movies have alot of modern features but with the whole classical nature of art, it can only be a book and you have to be here to read it.



FC:What is the best graffiti street art expirience you have had in Denver?


bunny M: The mural we painted was funn!


Square: I still like the mural we painted, it's nice to be able to pass it by and know that lots of differant people see it on a daily basis and it's not going to get painted over by the city.


FC: Any big things happening in denver anytime soon?


Square: The artopia show that bunny M is in and the bunny M V.S Square show.


bunny M: The bunny M V.S Square show that we are doing here in a couple months, ten whole peices each and just an over night pop up gallerie show in Denver featuring us.









Look for more on Denver as Antonio continues to dig deep into the western plains.


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