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By Vincent Morgan |  Published on Monday, June 22, 2009.

An introduction to Dave The Chimp's world. Street art from London!

Dave the Chimp Street art in london


FC: Where are you from? What’s your background?
DtC: It’s not where you’re from, it’s where you’re at. My background is a red/yellow plaid right now, but hopefully moving towards a dark electric purple/black real soon.

FC: haha ok How would you define your work and what inspires you?
DtC: I would define my work by drawing a fat black outline around it and attaching fairy lights. I can’t tell you my inspirations, they are a secret (ie I can’t be bothered to write “I’m inspired by life” or whatever I usually answer to this question) NEXT!

FC: ... What was the interest in art and what lead you to create all those things?
DtC: I like to be on my own and art requires no one else. I have to create “those things”. It’s that or the end.

FC: What was your best and your worst creation?
DtC: My best? A poem I wrote for my father about power tools. The worst? the answers to this interview…

FC: Thank you! If your style was a music band or a song? Which one would it be?
DtC: It would be a 24 hour mix tape, compiled by Mr Trick and Jimi Mullett and Phil from the Stool Pigeon and Slobadahn Burger from Team Kaputt. Or it would be my old punk band, The Shits. Definately all twelve of those things put together, with a night at Ayako and Dan’s place thrown in.

FC:What is your relation with skateboarding?
DtC: She is a harsh mistress. She liFCs me up and throws me back down. I ache for her when she’s not here, and ache when she is. I can never be good enough for her, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t keep leading me on. I fucking love that cruel, beautiful, incredible bitch with a passion. It’s waning a little with age, but every hit is still as good as the first.


Dave the chimp wall in London


FC:What’s your worst habit?
DtC: Not backing down, or turning the other cheek. And talking shit. Is cowardice a habit?

FC:What kind of books do your read?
DtC: Works of fiction mostly. Read more, and not just drivel on the internet. Currently I’m reading “Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell” by Susanna (?) Clarke as it was in my flat mates room (as was Aldus Huxley’s “Brave New World” which I read prior to that, and recommend) I’m a big fan of Kurt Vonnegut, who’s up in heaven now (heh heh!)

FC:What kind of movie do you see?
DtC: Last films I watched were “The Adventures Of Tom Thumb”, an animation by the Bolex Brothers, and “Iron Man” at the cinema.

FC: Do you do drugs? Do you need something particular to be creative?
DtC: I used to smoke a lot of weed. but now I’m clean, other than the occasional alcoholic drink. I don’t really like drugs and alcohol, I’m already fucked up enough…

FC:Do you feel the work you are doing is something that should be preserved or stayed transcience?
DtC: No, fuck it. I paint in the street for the moment, for the experience of the moment of making it, and so it can’t be owned and won’t last forever. What’s the point of living forever?


Contextual street art by dave the chimp

FC: Do you dream in graffiti and colors ? (Your productions make me think of dreams… or cartoon dreams…)
DtC: I don’t think I dream art pieces. When I remember my dreams it’s usually because they are so fucking weird I’m freaked out and worried for my mental well-being…

FC: What did you do last week?
DtC: Last week I was in London. I partied a lot for four days, had three barbeques, saw lots of very dear friends, rode my skateboard in the sunshine, painted a graffiti piece which caused lots of idiots to write shit about me on-line, slept in various different beds, got fed by various different girls, sold some old paintings, and really enjoyed being in London in the sunshine and without having to work.

FC:What was your most adventurous and dangerous tag/graffiti artwork?
DtC: Dropping a stencil of Osama Bin Laden on the tail of a Tyrannasaurus Rex. Only kidding - I wouldn’t be seen dead putting up a stencil! I don’t know the answer to this really. Saru and me hung a banner from the top of a five storey building that had no roof or floors inside, so no matter which way we fell we would have died or been crippled. I guess that was kinda dangerous. but we didn’t fall, so maybe that negates the danger. And Neck Face and Brad Downey had already been up there, so that kind of lessens the impact too. Nomad and me painted a piece in Bulgaria that dissed over 20 writers in one go, but I don’t think they were smart enough to understand we were dissing them! though I have to say, Bulgarian scaffolding is fucking sketchy shit, so here was plenty of danger involved in that piece, one way or the other…


Dave The Chimp graffiti

FC:What kind of reaction do you want to evoke from your art?
DtC: If I can get people to engage their brains and think about something, that would be great. If I can make them happy, that is also good. And if I can just stop them from thinking negative thoughts or consuming the earths resources or shit like that for a few seconds, then at least I’ve achieved something.

FC:Did you get girls easier with your art skillz?
DtC: No, you get girls easier by actually being passionate about something. And you lose them easier by being too passionate about something. It’s a tricky balancing act…

FC:Your worst and best habits?
DtC: My best habit is paying attention, which means I noticed I already answered what my worst habits are.

FC: One for you! What are your favorite spots?
DtC: Secret ones

FC: Ever have any serious graffiti beef?
DtC: Nomad cooked me a seriously good goulash a fortnight ago…

FC: Describe a typical day for Dave the chimp:
DtC: Wake up, kill a gypsy with my eye-canons, wash a dead cat with a piece of sponge and powdered glass, answer emails in Russian, answer Russians with laser quest tickets, bicycle on the moon, spoon, june, lemon and orange cake with the little black bits, tadpoles, bye bye Riley, we love you. Except Tuesdays when I lay in a coffin beating off all day.


dave the chimp dog artwork

FC:What are the essential tools you use to create your pieces?
DtC: Brain. Hands.

FC:How do you choose your images and where they are placed in the street?
DtC: They choose, I’m just the conduit.

FC:What do you think about hype?
DtC: Pretty much the same as he thinks about me. But in pink.

FC:Name an artist whose work you respect and admire.
DtC: Glenn Barr. PMH. Stefan Marx. Ayako Tsunekawa. and about 50 billion others, but it’s 3:31am so those are all I can be bothered to mention right now.

FC:How would you describe street art and what makes it different than graffiti or would you say it all falls under the same umbrella of shit. Don’t you think it’s totally different?
DtC: If by “graffiti” you mean the act of writing your name on a wall with a spray can then you’ve already answered the question. there is “graffiti”, and then there’s “everything else”, which the media calls “street art”, a terrible term as it pre-supposes that the stuff is “art”, and very little of it is. “Art” is so hard to define. It’s like love, it’s something you feel, deep inside. You can’t just walk up to someone and tell them they’re in love, so why would you think you can tell someone “this is art”?? There’s the difference right there - a graffiti writer wouldn’t have said that…

Wait, I just re-read the question. My answer is “yes, it all falls under the same umbrella of shit”…


Dave the Chimp ghost

FC:How do you feel about the commercialization of street art in recent years?
DtC: I think it’s absolutely super terrific and my trousers are made of 50 euro notes. Where’s my car? Bring it around front, I gotta go pick up my jewellery from the cleaners… Hail Hail Banksy the king and his army of douche bags. Seriously. My friend sold a Banksy print for 70,000 euros and opened a gallery in Milan, and flew me over to party. So let’s hear it for Banksy, now finally the general public notice us when we paint in the street. Now if we could just educate them to see the difference between the work, and stop asking us if we’re Banksy, then maybe we can all get a slice of the pie…

FC:What’s coming up in the next few months? Show etc…
DtC: My solo show at Extrabold in Luxembourg just closed, and I have a solo show at Vicious gallery in Hamburg opening July 27th. working on a couple of screen print projects, doing a live drawing thing at Cargo on the 6th June, new decks coming out with Hessenmob, and a special project launching which, if I told you about it, would sound great, but aFCer working with these people for a year, and being constantly dicked about, and seeing the project shrink and shrink, now I’m at the stage where I care about it so little I don’t even want to talk about it…

FC:What’s your real goal?
DtC: To live every day in the sunshine

FC:Any words of wisdom?
DtC: stay out of the sunshine, it causes cancer.

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