By Vincent Morgan |  Published on Sunday, June 14, 2009.

Here’s an interview of an amazing artist: Dan23. He's from Strasbourg (France). He wrote for us a text about his art. Welcome in Dan23's world.

Dan23 art

My approach follows basically 2 paths. The first is to bring to light people who are fighting for a fairer world, more equitable, and more beautiful. There are important political figures such as Martin Luther King, Gandhi, Malcolm X, and many artists related to music (James Brown, Marvin Gaye, Gil Scott-Heron) because it is a medium that allows you to quickly understand the emotion and artists whose approach I find generous (C215, Titi Freak…), and many other people that I meet.

Dan23 ghandi


It seems important to me to point out that, in a difficult and often unfair world, many generous people still remain. I therefore try, to my degree, to be a link, to give emphasis to their struggles and the beauty of their efforts.


My second priority is to try to work on a maximum of different supports, so my work can benefit a maximum of people. Being self-taught, I began to draw illustrations for magazines, associations, music labels and 2 years ago, I opened my gallery in Strasbourg, which gave me the opportunity to organize exhibitions and meet with artists. From this moment, a sequence was launched: I started to produce a lot, perform exhibitions, and my bulimia pushed me to execute live performances during concerts. I have realized, step by step, that art makes you see the world from a different angle than the one offered by the media, and this thinking pushed me recently to put my creations in the streets and I expect to place as much as possible out there because I believe that art can change our relationship to others, it can gather men to learn how to live better together.




Dan23's FatCap profile


Martin luther king in the street by dan23

Dan 23 canvas



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