COPE2 Documentary


By Vincent Morgan |  Published on Saturday, October 24, 2009.

A 74 minutes documentary about the graffiti legend Cope2 and his King Destroy crew. An historic Hip Hop file! With Flavor flav, Rakim, Fat joe, Krs-One. Check it out.

Cope2 started to paint in the 70's. His bronx style influenced many writers all over the world. He founded the Kids Destroy crew that became the famous Kings Destroy Crew. Here's a 74 minutes documentary about him with famous guests like  Tkid, Rakim, Fat Joe, Krs-One and many more...

Video uploaded by Bronce Romano, produced by Abstract Video Inc.

Also available in our video section, Cope2 video : Here


Cope2 - Kings Destroy from bronce romano on Vimeo.

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