Colorado Crush


By Vincent Morgan |  Published on Friday, September 7, 2012.

Colorado Crush, an event on a mission : to embrace the element of graffiti as a positive medium, uniting the community of Denver on a conscious level through art, music and fun.

In its third year and sponsored by the City and County of Denver, Colorado Crush™ is a true block party focused on embracing and building community, and the culture that is embedded in it. Colorado Crush™ is a day long event celebrating art and the pillars of hip-hop culture.

Coloradocrush Jam: graffiti in Denver

The event will feature live wall productions being created by a stellar line up of nationally recognized graffiti artists, an MC battle, Bboy battle, as well as a day filled with local hip-hop acts.

Here is a list of artists who will painting live for this year’s Colorado Crush:

4sakn (Jersey City, NY), Crayone (San Francisco, CA), Culpa (Southwest), Dread (Denver, CO), Else (Los Angeles, CA), Gamma (Denver, CO), Hoacs (Queens, NY), Jero (Los Angeles, CA), Jher (Denver, CO), Jolt (Guerilla Gardens, CO), Kite (Denver, CO), Koze (Denver, CO), Mas (North Jersey, NJ), Nspire (Denver, CO), Omni (Guerilla Gardens, CO), Path (Albuquerque, NM), Pistoe (Denver, CO), Rant (Denver, CO), Reks (Denver, CO), Reps (Brooklyn, NY), Sebs (Brooklyn, NY), Swek (Denver, CO), Thrives (Los Angeles, CA), Vogey (Pueblo, CO).

More info on the event website

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