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By Lindsayt |  Published on Monday, December 27, 2010.

FatCap caught up with Chor Boogie in San Francisco after a busy fall season. He gave us the behind the scenes on his time in Miami and shares his photos.


Ten or so long days, hundreds and thousands of cans, invited artists and those just their to sneak away with some free paint.  A bunch of kids in a candy store!  Some walls were up for grabs to paint freely and legally, and others were traps for the police to have some fun with "vandals".  "If you finish that wall, and do a good job, we might not arrest you," or so the story Apex and Chor Boogie told us over lunch last week.  It wasn't these artists the cops were talking to, but the story stuck as a good one to pass along between the artists that were there and to the FatCap community.



Chor Boogie had a busy past few months - in Germany he painted a piece of the Berlin wall that sold for 500K Euros - and we would expect no less out of his time in Miami for Art Basel and Primary Flight.  He sent over some photos for us to share and a note on his experience:



"Miami is an amazing city flourishing the potential of all walks of ARTISTIC the likes of Art BASEL and PRIMARY FLIGHT .. I my self personally did not really get to see much since i was there for 10 days painting 8 days out of that and just about 15hour days and nights just to get things done in time and make my flight home. the first wall with the MTN COLORS TEAM had to knock out in 4 days then Hop to the second wall which was a collaboration with Kofie in the design district i think the only wall being painted in that area this year thanks to Primary flight and 33third..also another 4 days..both productions came out amazing and my hats off to every artist that represented out there this year."



Collaboration with Kofie












MTN Team















Chor Boogie















Complete Wall





















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