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By Vincent Morgan |  Published on Monday, June 14, 2010.

Interview with Chor Boogie. Let's talk about San Diego, European graffiti, Gustav Klimt, travels, and Hugh Hefner.

Chor boogie art


Interview with the artist Chor Boogie


FC: Where are you from Chor? Tell us about your beginnings and your discovery of graffiti.

I am from San Diego but reside in San Francisco. I first discovered writing when i was around 10 years old and seen it on the streets and in aquaducts, as well as seeing it in mags like The Source and Spray Can and Subway Art. But really it was when i decided to venture in these dirty sewer areas where i seen the writing and the color pieces. They just stood out. And when i went down there i seen some pretty crazy pieces. Nasty fill ins and clean outlines. But the stuff that stood out to me the most where these characters that a local from the city i lived in called oceanside. I didn't find out his name until a few years later but that is what inspired me to do imagery and crazy characters. His name was Coma, Comatose, because he was putting cats in comas from the stuff he painted, like 3 headed characters flipping there head upside down with another face inside there mouth and the tounge busting out the top of the head, flipping you off at the same time. Shit was crazy. Or painting superman with his head being exploding by the graff genie. That was really nasty. But this is the stuff that inspired me. Also being exposed to Phase2 and Vulcan , Hex tgo, and slick. Helped as well.



FC: What's the meaning of your name?


Chor boogie. The meaning to my name is that i love this chor and i get boogie with it.


FC: What was your interest in art and what led you to create all those things?


My interest in art? Well i've been an artist since i was 5 years old and art just pushed me to define myself as a person. It just felt right and it's my destiny. My path that was blessed to me that i chose to pursue. Time helped me create all those things it's like i was challenging my self to be the best. So over time the stuff i was painting was basically to help me establish my style into what it is now. So the style I have now may be the foundation of what is to come.


Chor boogie art





FC: Tell us about the graffiti scene from your town. Who are the more productive crews back in the days and in 2010?


Back in the days. A crew called FTS (fuck the system) killed it.  DFC (down for crime) and TV (true vandals) MH (modern hieroglyphics) AK (aerosol kings) SSK (societies sickest killers) HR (hell razors) PLO (pure logic overcomes) SOHL (strictly on a hip hop level) NS (night stalkers) DES (don't ever step)  all this was in the 90's for me some are still around most died out. Honestly i don't follow what any crews are doing now adays. Haven't followed for some time now.



FC: Why do you like graffiti?

Honestly i'm not down with it simply because i have a different perspective on the art side of things. And trust me I've started out bombing but grew out of it quick. Because i liked painting more.




FC: What’s your taste in movies and books? (best movie, best book, best album for example)


I love movies. I have to watch a movie every day. Grew up on horror movies, like friday the 13th and so on to tripped out movies like Brazil and Trainspotting. I Love books to it's apart of the education process. Read the way of the samurai trust me you'll have a different perspective of life..








FC: Favourite quote?

Favorite quote.. The voodoo of chorboogie.


FC: Name an artist (or many) whose work you respect and admire.


Michelangelo, Da Vinci, Gustav Klimt, Phase 2, Vulcan , Apex.


Gustav klimt

gustav klimt








FC: If your style was a music band or a song? Which one would it be?

Roxy Music "In every dream home there's a heart ache". Or "Opium Scripts" by Vordul Mega..






Style and Flow:

FC: Your style is an awesome mix between colorful abstract painting and realistic and surrealistic portraits. Can you tell us more about your own vision of your style? How would you define your work?


My style is the omega abstract expressionism of a romantic voodoo with emotional landscapes of a melodic symphony through color therapy.. So 50% mind + 50% heart=100%body+100% soul =200%spirit add an infinite universe = a chorboogie creation.



FC: How did your style evolve through years?  In which way do you want your art to evolve in the future?


It evolved through out the years by lots of practice, to basically establish it to what it is today. Now it's at a standpoint of maturity and the future can only tell what it will look like in the future.


graffiti chor boogie


boogie chor



FC: When i see your paintings i just want to enter the wall, to get in this beautiful dreamlike world... What kind of reaction do you want your art to evoke?

That's one of the reactions actually one of the best ones i've heard so far... But my intention behind the work is that it conjures up a feeling whether it be bad or good. No matter what it still opened you up to a feeling.





FC: What inspires you?

I inspire my self ... As well as you inspire me.. The most high.


FC:  How do you organize your paintings? Do you do sketches before? Do you have any “gestures", characteristics or paint habits?


Well i dont do any sketches. I may have some renderings for realistic purposes. But everything else is off the top of the head heart mind body soul universe. So it's even more authentic. i have a technique i use which is the upside down technique, which helps me with small details. And it helps me keep the tradition of only using a spray can alive with what i do. And not using any additives nor preservatives. such as paintbrushes, tape, cutting tools ,stencil caps, noth but me and the spray can... Thats it. Traditionalist.







FC:  Do you need something particular to be creative?


Not really i just let the creativity flow... Its like how albert einstein says if we used the full potential of our brain we would be a more advanced human being. I believe this falls in an artists category simply because i believe we use a percentage of our brain that people dont use. But i also believe everyones an artists in some way shape or form. So everyone must be using this percentage to the best of there ability.



FC : How's the collaboration with other artists going?


Collaboration is going well. I just havent been collaborating with  spray paint artists as much. More artists of other mediums such as paintbrush artists, sculptures, writers. And writers of literature ...



FC: You've been stabbed twice last year in San Francsico while you was painting a huge wall. Is it still dangerous to paint in San Francisco these days?


San francisco is cool to paint in. It could of happened any where. But its not the place its the individual who had the knife. Basically stupidity and ignorance is a common thing just as common as smarts and intelligence. Maybe it was meant to be and was supposed to happen. Another lesson for me to learn. And that lesson was is that there are kids in this grawffeeteee game that are miss educated and they think this whole crime path is the way, and think it pays... There lesson will be taught and they must learn. So i express to you kids in the game is learn the ways of true artists in this game and stop following all these chumps out there that think this crime thing is cool. Because honestly it aint. Trust me. Ive been through allot to understand the lesson. Drugs ,jails, getting shot at, stabbed, fighting, robb'n and stealing, etc. And trust me it aint fun. But my best advice if you want to persue that.  Is go for yours and see what happens...



FC: It must be your worst graffiti experience... What was your best graffiti experience?


It was my worst experience simply because i got two holes put in my body and could of died. But ive been in many life and death situations. And im only 31 i still have the rest of my life to look forward to. And im grateful i made it this far. But my best experience is ... Living off this. Ive been supporting myself off using spray paint for the past 5 years. And it's still going. To me that's priceless. It's taken me around the world. Had some amazing shows and i havent even started yet.




FC: What makes a good piece?


You make a good piece of work. Your dedication, discipline, honor, Patience, Tolerance, Strength, Abundance, Genuine spiritual love for what you do. Gratitude, Attitude, Honesty, humbleness, willingness, health , wealth, wisdom, knowledge, trust, truth, faith, acceptance, adjustments, intentions, enthusiasm, balance, is what helps me create .






FC: Did your views on Graffiti change over time?


They did change simply because I was re-educated by vulcan and phase 2. They where there since the beginning and once they broke it down to me i felt like my eyes and mind where blown open to a reality that was overwhelming. But honestly when ever we talk about this medium and the real meaning behind it, it feels real it feels like the truth simply because you can feel the passion behind there words. You know that feeling... Once the truth hits you. And who better to learn the history from, but from somebody that was there since the beginning. Rather than some books that people consider the bible of grawfeetee. Just remember  this. This bible was altered as well to make you believe a truth. So if you don't think that the books that preach this medium have been altered for money and false truths. Then your madly mistaken.



FC: What do you think about the European/american graffiti?


I think the europeans had taken what they learned from the pioneers in America and have taken certain things to certain levels. But i give europeans there credit for taking this medium to an artistic level. I believe america is stagnate and there are only a handful of cats that really take it there. But i also disagree since i'm such a traditionalist with the spray can about a lot of europeans using all these cheat tools to create a piece or define there realistic imagery. I think it's unnecessary but i guess it's what it is. And things change, but honestly there are some pretty fresh artists in both countries.



FC: How do you see street-art in 10 years?


I see street art in 10 years being called something else. I see it as the new era as well i see more of a philosophy behind it and an understanding. And basically accepted by the fine art community. But who knows, it may just be the next trend if we keep running it into the ground. It could be like the one hit wonder or the hottest hip hop song for one second then ......poooooof... Its gone.

Thats why i express for artists to establish there own meaning and understanding for what they do.



FC: Who’s the owner of the street?


I'm not the owner of the street. I just beautify them.





FC: What are your worst and best habits?


My worst habbit is Me, my best habbit is Me.



FC: Do you practice other forms of art? (graphism, canvas paintings, sculpture ?)

Yes i work on other medias, l ike canvas and wood, working on doing more sculptures. And installations.


graffiti chor boogie


FC : Your favorite time to graff?


My favorite time to paint is when i feel like it..


FC : Your favorite colour ?

All colors are my favorite, but if i where to choose... red


FC : A list of words that represent Graffiti.


Ego and pride.



FC: Describe a typical day of Chor Boogie


A typical day with chorboogie... Is exercising, networking, painting , making sweet love to my wife. Don't forget eating, shitting and sleeping..



FC: With who would you like to paint?

I'd like to paint with some of them mc'claim cats. Maybe Belin from spain. Or im cool with just painting by my self or with my peeps Vulcan Apex Phase 2 and Neon..



FC: What do you think about hype?


I think thats what graffiti is..



FC: Any favourite story about your graffiti adventures?


My favorite story is... being on stage with Wu Tang and i presented an Ol Dirty bastard portrait to his mother. And they held the painting up to a crowd of 50k people. Another story is delivering a portrait i did for Hugh Hefner of Playboy to his studios. The stories keep going...


hugh efner



FC: How would you describe street art and what makes it different than graffiti or would you say it all falls under the same umbrella of shit. Do you think it's totally different?


I think it's all different i just would like to see a more significant meaning for it or an understanding. But honestly they are not the same. And i myself don't fall into either category. Society just places me there because i use a spray can. And it's not that i have anything against it. Its just that simple i dont do it. i'm an artist. And beautify with spray paint.



FC: What's coming up in the next few months? Show etc…


I have a few shows here in San Francisco and in LA. Also San Diego. And basically working some more murals and canvas works. Some traveling working out japan right now and europe. So i should be hitting your neck of the woods.






FC: What's your real goal?


My real goal is to support my self and a family off what i love to do and that is create ...



FC: Any words of wisdom?


Do you be your self and stop following the sheep off the cliff... Much respect stay fresh and keep it live.. Stay shining..


Thank you Chor Boogie.


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