Cars and Graffiti


By Kacem |  Published on Friday, September 28, 2012.

Between graffiti and cars, it's an old love story. Proof in pictures through this selection by the FatCap Team.

Men love beautiful bodyworks, large grills, Cadillac, Hot wheels, features tapered or protruding curves from this revolutionary invention... cars! Graffiti artists express this love on wall since the birth of graffiti art. Convertibles, Hot Rod, Formula 1 or small urban cars... But that's not all, prototypes and other futuristic gear straight out of the imagination of artists are represented like six-doors car or weird flying car... Enjoy this worldwide automobile show by FatCap.

© Kalouf

Estria & Bam (San Francisco)

Rekor & Iwok (Toulouse, France)

Honkone (Montpellier, France)

© Papy, Milouz, Kotek, Ba.2k, Hopare & Staf (Paris, France)

Smug (Glascow, Royaume-Uni)

© Heavy Artillery

© PAC crew

© The Resto

© Thias

© The Dude Company

© Mr Trazo

© Soyr2f

Binho, Snek, Lipe, Dek & Leon © Binho

Estria (Mexico, Méxique) © Estria

© Lois In Wonderland

© Spike Street Art

Obey Giant (Denver, USA) © Obey Giant

A4Shop crew (Montréal, Canada) © Santerre

65ERS © 65ERS

Zoer © Startape

Dume (France) © Startape

Spike (France) © Startape

Brozer © Startape

© Spike Street Art

Don't Fret (Miami, USA)

Shadow, Seyb, Vision, Disco (Montreuil-sous-Bois, France)


C215 Paris © C215


 Kaer & Keyler © The Kids Napping

Heavy Artillery

"The Hillbilly Apocalypse" Odisy, Gary, Aroe & Jiroe (Brighton, Angleterre) ©  Heavy Artillery


TSF crew (Le Mans, France) © TSF


© PACcrew


 Kalis & Sinke (Paris, France) © Startape


Tinho (Sao Paulo, Brésil) © Binho

Mike Bam

(plus de photos ici) © Mike Bam

Mike Bam

© Mike Bam

© Diel Lazarin

The Mouarf

MPE © The Mouarf

Esty & Skofe (Paris, France)

Huit (San Diego, USA)

Huit (Los Angeles, USA)

Huit (Maubeuge, France)

Bom.k (Paris, France)

Blo (Paris, France)

© Diel Lazarin

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