Brussels Tram


By Vincent Morgan |  Published on Monday, July 13, 2009.

Mass legal graffiti in Brussels. More than 3000 square meters around the tram path.


Here's a great project from Belgium. Thank's to the "Graffiti art on train" team for the information. Check their site if you want to know what's the real belgium train flavor.

"In 2007, about 1,500 square meters of the stop’s wall were legally covered in by 60 graffiti artists. Entitled “The Walk”, the project was assessed positively, both by locals and tram passengers. Because of the tremendous response, the authorities decided to extend the project by another 3,000 square meters in order to create the continent’s biggest graffiti fresco.

The organization Tarantino coordinate the works. Set up to keep Brussels youngsters off the street, Tarantino is devoted to legal street graffiti. The organisation managed to get hold of some of Belgium’s best graffiti artists."

Tramway graffiti from belgium


Bruxelles graffiti tramway

Legal Graffiti on the brussels tram walls


Tramway brussels graffiti

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