Bonkers Video


By Vincent Morgan |  Published on Monday, August 10, 2009.

The Seventh Day Project has released a great video of Los Angeles graffiti writer Bonkers. Welcome to the Bonkers's world.


Antoher video from TSL Film and the Seventh day Project. After Saber, Retna, Persue and many more, here's the Bonkers video. The video was directed by Augor and filmed by Naut.


This time it's different, Augor and Bonkers worked on a story so you'll discover Bonkers universe. Here's what Bonkers says about this vidéo on his Blog:


"I thought it would be cool to do something way different from what they're used to seeing, so i decided to take it upon myself to make it the one best. I hand made a mask, of a character that i've been spray painting all over town, and wrote a little story to go with it."



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