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By Vincent Morgan |  Published on Monday, September 17, 2012.

Let's talk with Biz from Patra in Greece about graffiti, his country, his travels, trains and street bombing. A real graffiti activist.

Interview by Kotini Fb.

Through the birthplace of the arts, where dominated various forms of artistic expression, modern Greece highlights through the most carefully hidden corners of the streets, artists with passion and inspiration. We present Biz!

FatCap : Where are you from? Tell us about your beginnings and your discovery of graffiti?

Biz : I am from Patra, the third biggest city of Greece. This is where I started graffiti and where I had my first contact with street painting. A friend of mine started doing sketches with his name and I was looking at him, so that was the beginning for doing my first throw up on the paper! Drawing was from my first years something I love   but this was the first time I discovered street painting .After that I realized how dirty was my city.

FC : Are there differences between the big cities (ATHENS) and the rest of your country? And what's the scene like where you live?

B : Nowadays in the most places graffiti is in a good level. Of course, Athens as capital city and more populated has a big variety of artists and some of them are high level and known in rest Europe. On the other side, other places in Greece can show nice things to the world as Salonika does. My place Patra the last years is an upcoming graffiti power in Greece and not only. There are both old and new artists that do good jobs and are capable to show something fresh.

FC : All your wall productions are done with spray cans or do you use brush or other media? What are your favorite materials to use?

B : I traditionally use spray cans, which is my favorite material. Acrylic paint and brushes are also something I usually use, especially in legal walls, roll ups and sometimes in throw ups.

FC : What were/are your influences?

B : Everyone effects from his environment and what’s happening around so I do the same. I try to do something from my own, something that I feel. Little good ideas can make a piece like a rocket in the sky. A lot of them can make it masterpiece. That’s what I am looking for. My biggest influences are artists from Europe and some other from South America whose ideas are unique and inspire me to do something better, to the next step.

FC : Do you like to travel a lot? And where?

B : Yes I travel. I love it! And graffiti is a good reason to do this. I have traveled to most European countries and once in Asia, many times for graffiti fests and other from my own or with my crew mates. It’s something that I need, because I like making new friends and tagging my name everywhere.

FC : What was your best graffiti experience?

B : I can’t say that is only one. Every painting is special for me it has its own story. However some of my best experiences are my second travel to Poland, where I have good friends, my weekly stay there, my fast trip to Turkey, the nice people I met there and of course the central Europe tour that I did with my crew 360, where we did all we like, such as all day painting walls, train panels, beers, vodkas and a lot of fun.

FC : How's the collaboration with other artists going?

B : There are different people that I have painted with. I love doing things with my friends and other guys that I meet, whatever this is, from a nice legal wall, to a city walk for some tagging action. I think it’s a part of the game to be with others.

FC : Do you practice other forms of art?

B : Not at all this time. I do some canvases, I also like other indoor actions, but I think the real experience is the outdoor painting both streets (or abandoned) and yards.

FC : You don’t do only legal walls. You do also trains and street bombing! What would you say is the reason for you to still do this, still take the risk?

B : It’s the adrenaline. This feeling is what makes people happy and stronger. In addition, it’s the feeling of being there and do some action under their nose. And the next morning your panel is running and your throw up is still there showing what happened last night. It’s a virus that you can’t easily take away from you!

FC : What is it that keeps you going with graffiti?

B : It’s all that. The friends, the feeling of creativity, the adrenaline, the try to become better and better. It never ends, and I hope will not.

FC : Last question. What's coming up next?

B : Just keep going. I‘ll be abroad (not in Greece) for some months, so that’s the perfect opportunity  for me to find out the life and the way other people  think about art and especially graffiti in the rest Europe.

FC : Thank you so much Biz!

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