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By Vincent Morgan |  Published on Thursday, July 30, 2009.

Is it the biggest graffiti ever? Saber's piece in Los Angeles River


Saber, who was already known as a huge graffiti artist in L.A., became famous worldwide when he executed the biggest graffiti ever.


He painted alongside the river of L.A., on the cement borders, a fresco of the size of a football field. A lot of preparation was required for its achievement: 436.5 liters of paint; the painting material had to be conveyed through the gang territories and then lifted above barbed wires, etc. Also, it took a whole year to finish the painting and this, without being spotted by the Amtrak (Railway Company) and the L.A. cops, who both patrol in this area on land and in the air.


When it was finally finished, his father took pictures of Saber (barely visible on the “B” of his name) walking through the surface of his graffiti.


Saber made the biggest graffiti ever in Los angeles


Saber official Site

Article via Oldjam, infos extracted from the book “Planete street”

Update: The piece was buffed in september by the city of Los Angeles, they can't buy books, but they HAVE TO buff beautiful pieces of art... : more info

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