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By Vincent Morgan |  Published on Monday, December 21, 2009.

The FatCap team visited Barcelona and met Ripo and Smash137. Exclusive pictures in a sunny town.

Before coming to Barcelona, we would never imagine that Ripo and Smas137 would be painting together. Smash is a letter master from Basel and Ripo is an incredible artist from New York who can blow your mind with stencils, bombing or with his dope typographic style. In 2007-8 he embarked on the South Central Tour Tour with Above and last month he released a great video named “10 days”. We met Smash last October in Bondy (France) with Atom, at the Hip Hop Dome Jam (FR version). The guy rocked it with a clean piece under a crazy Eiffel Tower background by Shadow.

The result of Ripo and Smash's collaboration is pretty cool and once again it proves that there is no limit in the graffiti game when you are open minded. They brought us to a spot in center of Barcelona, in the Poble Nou area. Things have changed in Barcelona (as kenor said it here). Nowadays it’s hard to paint in day time without being arrested or fined. The anti-graffiti laws are more and more repressive and there are no more legal walls. Here’s pictures below of what Smash and Ripo got done in one hour the first day we came in Barcelona.

For the FatCap readers, Smash and Ripo gave us some exclusive photos of their various collaborations in Barcelona during December.  Check out the pictures, these guys didn’t waste their time.

And finally you’ll find after the jump some pictures we took in Barcelona streets. The walls in the city are buffed in a week so the  shutters have become the new support to hit. We also visited San’s exhibition in the Iguapop gallery, here’s some pictures.

Ripo on FatCap


Smash on FatCap


Ripo Official site


Smash official Site



Click on the pictures below


ripo 'piece graffiti in barcelona

Ripo wrote "Reepo" on his piece… now you know how to pronounce it!


graffiti piece of art by smash


Smash : Never the same letters!


Smash and ripo in spain




Here's some of the pieces Smash and Ripo created together in Barcelona this month. Exclusive pictures for FatCap readers!


Ripo : "So Much history erased"

barcelona artwork by ripo








Ripo: "Your Name"

your name




Graffiti and street art in Barcelona streets:

Graffiti in the streets of barcelona

San's exibition at Iguapop Gallery:

San's exhibition


san iguapop

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