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By Vincent Morgan |  Published on Wednesday, October 21, 2009.

L'Atlas opened his first solo show in NYC last friday. Of course, he also put his art on the Whashington Square as he hit last year the Centre Pompidou plaza in Paris.

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atlas street art in whashington square nyc


"I always loved French street artist L’Atlas’ black and white geometric patterns and calligraphic researches. Last Friday, he opened his first solo show in NYC and couldn’t resist leaving a trace in Washington Square. The exhibition “City Fragments” runs from October 16th to November 16th at Gallery Nine 5.

If you discover L’Atlas for the first time, here are a few videos presenting his work including the 2008 “Don’t Loose the North” installation commissioned by Centre Pompidou that initiated public interaction with the construction of a giant compass in the museum’s plaza.


Unlike other street artists who paint in the public sphere, L’Atlas reinvents the process by literally taking fragments of the street with him; first he spray paints the streets with his labyrinthine style, then he silkscreens the marks on captivating black canvases. These imprints, like customs, both commemorate his performances and memorialize the enigmatic décor of the urban landscape.

More about L’Atlas: official websiteflickr pool // Pictures taken from L’Atlas’ fotolog


If you have more pictures of L’Atlas works in Big Apple, please share them in our flickr pool. "


Thanks to Laurent Desserrey for the researches.

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L'atlas show in newyork


Atlas new york solo show



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