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By Vincent Morgan |  Published on Wednesday, August 5, 2009.

Another amazing project by Jace and his famous Gouzous.


Inspite of the numerous difficulties, be they technical, climatic or financial, the Reunionese street artist Jace has been in Anakao for three weeks, on the South Western coast of Madagascar, for an unusual human, artistic and film experience.

In that village, capital of the Vezo land located on the waterside of the Indian Ocean, Jace started a new artistic project painting the sails of about fifteen pirogues.


street art Madagascar village by jace


Graffiti on boat sails


Those huge square sails, painted with Jace's mascot character Gouzou, constituted the elements of a kind of travelling and original exhibition along the Malagasy coast. The journey will be extended to the Reunion Island on the occasion of the 2009 Tempo Festival as well as to many galleries on the inland.


Jace graffiti madagascar


You can see a documentary film on the event on FatCap TV. It includes pictures filmed during this first artistic meeting with the Vezo people and will grow richer with new sequences by the end of the year. Indeed, Jace does intend to carry on this adventure and answer to the enthusiasm this unreleased cultural exchange has arisen.


Jace street art  madagascar island


Jace sails street art

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