Art of Revolution


By Lindsayt |  Published on Friday, February 18, 2011.

Freedom of speech tastes so good, people around the world want it and want to share it. Graphic designers create & share tantalizing posters reflecting the tumultuous but exciting times!

Last week we culled the best photographs of graffiti, posters and slogans on the web of the uprising in Tunisia and Egypt.  The people are still organizing themselves in Egypt to remind the military that they have their voice, and will continue to use it.  Freedom of speech has proven contagious as the wave of revolution is reaching all corners of the world. 


Artists, of the street, canvas or computer, are well suited to expressing the opinions of the people in slogans, sayings and pictures; it's something they do everyday.  And so we share the work from a set of talented designers and communicators with you here.  


The first series comes from Dutch designer Virginie Moerenhout:


Regime Change


Regime Change




Revolution Egypt



Egypt:  Day of Departure



Yemen's Day of Anger




Flickr user jeffhemmer creates playful sketches that have powerful meanings:



Not enough tears references the use of tear gas by governments to dissipate protesters.




Congratulations uses the shoe because it is a symbol of disrespect; many Egyptians raised their shoes when Mubarak originally refused to step down.



Sudanese graphic designer Khalid Albaih, currently residing in Qatar, has put together an ironic and sarcastic set of posters: 


Free Revolution Zone


Free Revolution Zone


Leave! - No!






Finally, when calm and intelligent words have proved unuseful, and when irony and humor cannot bridge the divide, a simple symbol will convey the message just as well:



The Rest will Follow



For those of you in the virtual world of SecondLife Virgine, aka Yndra, has exhibited her work concurrently with real life exhibitions.

Text: Lindsay T., Managing Editor

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