Art Brut Jam


By Vincent Morgan |  Published on Wednesday, May 12, 2010.

Awesome pictures and videos of the graffiti and street art jam in Barcelona, Art Brut. Beautiful artworks by Aryz, Ripo, Zosen, Sosaku, Kafre, and Sakristan.


Video by Hans Hansen. Check out this video in our Video section


Art  Brut official site


Barcelona graffiti and street art scenes came together to spend the day painting six walls at the Tres Chimineas park. Gustavo Osorio was on hand to capture some beautiful moments from the event. No New Enemies members Ripo, Tara Tiel aka Ovni, and Boris Hoppek were all in attendance along with Sixe, Zosen, Aryz, Mister, Debens, Dios, Hawaii Computers Crew, Lolo, Sosaku, Villas, Kafre, and Sakristan. The walls will all stay on view until time takes its toll. Read on for more photos and also check out Gustavo Osorio's full photo report on his website:

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Jam art brut a barcelone


Art brut aryz










Aryz street art art brut a barcelone

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