Video games and Graffiti


By Vincent Morgan |  Published on Saturday, February 28, 2015.

Check out this dope arcade graffiti game animation by Lepos featuring Revok, Mike Giant and Ces.

Lepos wrote graffiti from 1993 to 2003. He lives in Toronto Canada. He wrote CEAR and KWOTA was his crew. He got into graffiti through listening to rap music and being into art. He created an arcade animation just because he loves it. Mixing old video games and graffiti for a crazy result.

arcade and graffiti

Lepos have always loved arcade culture, and graffiti obviously. Look at his blog documenting the crossover of street art to video games !

Two summers ago he spent time in San Francisco making this dope clip :  

Revok put it up on his blog, so he wrote him and thanked him. He said he was into helping out, so Lepos eventually created a character out of him. Through Revok, he contacted Ces. Then he got in touch with Mike Giant through Sight from the BA crew.  Here's the result ! Make sure to check out his others animations. And follow him on Twitter.

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