Mulheres barbadas interview


By Anissa |  Published on Monday, June 24, 2013.

They are two, they are Brazilian, they are bearded, they have humor and they answered our questions!

FC : Why "mulheres Barbadas" ?

Mulheres Barbadas : It means "bearded ladies". We needed a name, we both had beards. These days for us it's pretty much like a band name where you don't even think about the original meaning anymore. We get asked this a lot.

FC : How was your beginning in art and how did you meet ?

MB : We met back in 2006 at work, and shared a lot of enthusiasm for things that were more artistic and less commercial than what we were doing. Between 2007 and 2009 we worked together in our downtime and built enough of a portfolio and had enough projects coming up that we could leave our jobs and work with drawings but still pay our bills, and that's what we have been doing since then. Pretty much drawing and paying bills.

FC : In your composition details are impressive. How do you do ? 

MB : There is not much to it, as far as composition goes, its mostly practice, we've been working together long enough to be able to just naturally pile things up and draw whatever we think of and still make it work with all the other drawings. We pretty much improvise every piece.

FC : People often describes your style "burlesque" or "caricatural". How you define your style ?

MB : It's cartoonish chaos. Some pieces are more childish, some more bizarre, some abstract, but it's always pretty simple lines with an excessive amount of information.

FC : Your creations are often monochrome, why this choice ?

MB : It helps with the chaotic feeling we're going for. It also helps make the cartoonish looking stuff look less childish. Also we don't want to spend more time on a piece coloring stuff.

FC : What is your relationship with graffiti ? And what do you think about it ?

MB : Graffiti is amazing and is a huge influence on us. São Paulo has amazing graffiti artists and we've been exposed to it so much since we've been living here. Although we don't try to take part in the scene, we are friends with a few local artists love to see all the things that they have been up to, identifying tags on the street and all that. We'd love to do more public space art but we're less aggressive and wait for things to come our way.

FC : How would you define the world of art in Brazil ? How do you see it evolve within 10 years in São Paulo, for example ?

MB : It still lacks smaller galleries that would have room for smaller or younger artists, specially for people who aren't doing huge canvases or aren't trying to sell paintings to collectors for thousands of moneys. Besides that there is always something going on as you'd expect from a city like this. There have also been some group shows in museums and stuff that is pretty cool and hopefully they keep it up.

FC : Do you know your compatriot Guilherme Kramer ?

MB : No, we might know his work but sometimes it's hard to connect names to… artwork.

FC : You have worked with major brands : MTV, Deezer... How did it go ?

MB : We work with a lot of brands, we don't really sell much artwork on paper, we've had gallery shows but we don't work with a gallery or anything. Working with brands is bittersweet as the money is usually good, you usually get an exposure or product that you wouldn't be able to make by yourself, but there's always those things you can't draw or that one person who can't help but make things difficult. We're not complaining though, we're happy for having work come our way.

FC : Gringo, if you could change one thing about your partner, what would it be ?

Gringo : I would turn his penis into a vagina.

FC : Julio, if you could choose another profession, what would you choose for your associate ?

Julio : Modern Jazz Dancer, this dude has the moves.

FC : Ha ha !  What is your idea of perfect happiness ?

MB : One we share is after we finish a large mural and we have that one beer with friends and the girls and you know later you're going to go home to your cats and not wake up early the next day.

FC :  What is your greatest fear ?

MB : Gringo is afraid of heights, Julio is afraid of iPhone thieves.

FC : What is your favorite word ?

MB : Sashimi !

FC :  What is your motto ?

MB : No empty spaces.

FC :  If you loose a stupid bet and you are asked to shave your beard, would you do it ?

MB : We wouldn't place a bet involving shaving our beards, but if we did, and we lost, nope.

FC : And I will leave you to finish the last two words : 

MB : What ? Already ?

FC : Thank you ladies !

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