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By Chrixcel |  Published on Thursday, April 9, 2015.

We propose there a choice of paintings and drawings by Phlegm, before compilation in a book announced end of year 2012 and still long-awaited...

"Alphabet Enluminé" (2011)

Typographer, illustrator, muralist and keen observer of our decadent civilization, Phlegm stands out through his lyrical and unique style. His "Great Work" essentially builds up around ink illustrations, almost scrupulously reproduced in black & white in big format on walls.

Sheffield, UK © Chrixcel

In the last issue of Graffiti All Starz (#18), the readers could discover his creatures moving in the mysterious industrial wastelands of his home city, Sheffield (see above).

We are now proposing an overview of the paintings he did during his trips, at the same time showing the “twin-drawings”.

A ship had run aground offshore the Azores Islands in August 2011 for the Walk & Talk festival on a textured wall as beautiful as foam.

In 2012, Phlegm has more than ever set sail to be part of street art festivals and paint high frontages in European capital cities and in the New World, where he was invited. Paris did not (to date) have the chance to welcome him...

New York, Manhattan, in July 2012... This planet could make us think of Saturn, with its spiral rings.

As often in those arrangements animated by "phlegmatic" characters, the engraved-like outline strengthens  the gravity of the intention and the monotonous mechanics of the body movements reveals the saturnine side of the illustration, where men, after having climbed the steps of their life,  end up in  a deep hole! Other pictures are available on Street Art News.

In order not to be outdone with the theme of planets and this frantic world tour, it’s in Slovaquia, Slovice, that the muralist painted this huge multi-eyed  disco ball during the "Street Art Communication" festival in August 2012....

Jules Verne, French author of the famous Around The World in 80 days, described his protagonist, Phileas Fogg, as follows: "Calm, phlegmatic, clear eye, motionless eyelid, he was the kind of cool accomplished Englishman one could quite often find in the United-Kingdom". The common idea we have of British Olympian calm (and quite recently Olympic!) is not new...

Those air balloons, flying machines and imaginary ships, with respect to the 19th Century Industrial Revolution, remind us of the very universe of Jules Verne, a visionary author. There, we really go from the Earth to the Moon, as the ocular globes of this 360° sphere are similar to our satellite’s craters.

Equipment such as telescopes, video cameras and  telephoto lenses are regularly highlighted in Phlegm’s art and accurately fit into the theme of this festival.

In Italy, Torino, these bird-globes have been realized in September 2012 during another festival entitled "Bunker"... these are maybe space capsules containing strange astronauts?

Curled up in their shells, one finds the same enigmatic rangy characters displayed in almost all of Phlegm’s creations.

They also fell into this O-shaped crocodile’s mouth (O like Oslo), that we will find while visiting the Norwegian capital city. It was painted on the occasion of the ARD*POP-UP festival in October 2012.

In London, the famous spot in Shoreditch "Village Underground", has welcomed 3 funny giants at the beginning of this year...

The Village Underground wall has been recently managed by Street Art London and the latter intends to “parade” artists on a regularly basis. After Pablo Delgado in December, Phlegm launched 2013.

So many festivals and trips undoubtedly contributed to enrich the book Phlegm is currently preparing, of which you see below one of the possible covers.

We guess the hours spent doodling on pages under the fine light of a lantern, the black books scribbled with sketches and ideas, piled in dreams in the brains…All this to supplement the already well-supplied libraries of the art lovers we are!


All pictures by © Phlegm

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