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By Anissa |  Published on Monday, July 8, 2013.

Lithuanian artist, Ernest Zacharevic "Zach" cultivates an "interaction" art. He explains his work...

Noticed during the George Town festival, Ernest Zacharevic invited the malaysian to put into action with his street art, time to capture the moment.

(George Town, 2012)

FC :  Where are you from ? What is your artistic career ? 

Zach : I am originally from Vilnius, Lithuania, where I have attended a boarding art school since I was 12. Afterwards I moved to London and graduated with B.A. (Hons) from Middlesex University. Now I spend quite a lot of time in Asia which provides an inspiration to my current body of work.

FC : How did you discover street-art ? Why street-art ? 

Z : As a classicly trained artist I usually prefer to work on my studio work and street art is a natural extension of that. The main difference for me is an exposure and interaction. Street art becomes an organic part of a landscape and is seen by people who would never go to art galleries or museums. I like the fact that street art so far is the least elitist part of art. Things can change soon with galleries being interested in street art and the fact that it sells well, but for now it is a lot of fun. 

FC : What do you think about graffiti ? Do you use spray cans ? 

Z : For me graffiti is where it all started. Being fifteen, running around streets at night tagging… doesn't seem to be much relevant now, but I would not be where I am now if I hadn't done this when I was a kid. It is a street culture closely connected with music and lifestyle. It isn’t much about art, more about macho way of expression and thrill of danger. The spray paint can kind of become a symbol for it all. Street art has different approach and targets, but it would never came into being without graffiti braking the grounds first. I use spray paint only when a particular idea requires. My concern is a content rather than medium. Most of my street work is done with a brush, same way as i would work in a studio. It was a challenge to find a right pain for it but now collaborating with australian paint company Murobond. This year we coming up with the paint line of water based paints designed specially for mural art and street work.

FC  : People can take part in your work. How do you proceed to your creations ?

Z : I always prefer to work on my own. I like to take time and think my work through in detail. I do get people involved sometimes but it's usually my close friends who can really understand my ways and my goals.

(Kuala Lumpur, 2013)

(George Town, 2012)

(Petaling Jaya, 2012)

(George Town, 2012)

FC : How would you like people to react face to your creation ?

Z : I'm happy as long as my artwork provokes any reaction. Some might like it some not it's up to them. If it takes your thoughts out of ordinary even for a second my goal is achieved. 

FC : In Malaysia there was a real interaction with the locals. How do you analyse this result ?

Z : Artists who say that they don’t care about their audience are not entirely honest, because artwork is always a communication and if it is does not reach its goal a lot of meaning is lost. However I’ve never expected the success Penang project got. Everyone became so passionate about it and now it’s part of Penang tourism trail. There are souvenirs with my work sold everywhere in town, you can find maps with my locations of my work in the airport etc. I have no control over it anymore. It's kind of hilarious but I'm happy my artworks live their separate lives.

FC : Your work links the real and fiction, an object and a painting... What are you trying to convey in your art ?

Z : Animation is a big passion of my life. The term comes from latin word 'animare' which means 'to give life' or 'to encourage'. It has always inspired me to experiment and through years it has become a very core of my work. 

(Brussel, 2012)

(Brussel, 2012)

(George Town, 2012)

(Kuala Lumpur, 2013)

FC : According to you, who owns the street ?

Z : Whoever steals it first.

FC : Is there an artist you admire the work ? 

Z : There is many artist and the level of their impact on my work is always changing therefore I never dare to highlight one. 

FC : If I say Banksy, you tell me... ? 

Z : Hanksy !

FC : How are street-art and graffiti in Lithuania ? 

Z : It's a very active scene of truly inspiring individuals. It has not been spoilt by it's commercial potential yet, therefore the art is very honest and daring.

FC : What is you final goal ?

Z : Survive apocalypse and repopulate the earth !

FC : Thank you Zach !

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