Hozoi Two-Wheel Trip


By Kacem |  Published on Tuesday, July 10, 2012.

Hozoï will tour the world for his love of both graffiti and motorcycles! A colorful and strong journey full of promises!


Do you love graffiti? Do you love the world of motorcycling? Do you love travelling? If so, whoever you are, you will enjoy more than fully this project!

Hozoï starts a world tour through countries where the biking culture is ubiquitous, as in Indonesia, Japan, Mongolia, Germany, Peru, USA or Senegal for instance. The "Hozoï Two-wheel Trip" project, supported by Motul, starts today and looks like quite a rich, colorful experience, full of meetings and encounters.


We already spoke of Hozoï through his travels in Senegal and Malaysia and described his famous metallic sculptures. He this time decided to pay tribute to the culture of motorcycle through graffiti. The project's idea and aim is to achieve fitting into each country's social reality and share as much as possible his art and his passion for motorbikes. The program of this singular journey is simple: encounters, immersion, graffiti, photos, videos and sculptures.

You can follow the trip on the blog dedicated to the project, on Facebook or on Twitter.

To know/see more about his metal sculpture work, go check Hozoï's website. Stay tuned, FatCap will obviously tell you more about this on-going project pretty soon!


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