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By Marie |  Published on Monday, March 5, 2012.

Mohammed Ali is an artist but also a messenger who addresses all Humanity. Allying graffiti with his faith in Islam, his creations are truely captivating.

Artist active since the 80's, Mohammed Ali a.k.a Aerosol Arabic is based in United Kingdom but travelled through the world, from New York, to Chicago, Toronto, Melbourne, or Dubai to realize his highly colored paintings carrying a message going beyond graffiti itself.

He indeed, chooses to translate his faith in Islam into wall paintings, and points out the sacredness and eloquence of it's messages through his Art, also expressing the importance of values our society has too easily forgotten.

Because of these problematics and of the way it conjugates Islamic calligraphy with graffiti, his work has often been labeled as a " shock of civilizations ".

Arabic calligraphy values beauty, creation, unity and power, elements also important on other levels in graffiti allowing, a symbolically similar formal approach of 2 messages : God's and men's, mixed in a single work : Mohammed Ali's.

The artist is also a very active lecturer, giving conferences on Art as the means of communication and union beyond various cultures. He himself claims not to create to sell nor acquire a recognition but " for the love of Humanity ".

"Feed for the poor" Birmingham"

Cubes painted in Oman, Sweden and UK

Melbourne Australia - 'Knowledge - Educating a Woman is Educating a Nation'

Weapon of Mass Distraction

"Free Gaza" Birmingham


"Freedom" Birminghan

"Iqra-Read" Birmingham

"Patience, after hardship comes ease" Birmingham

Bronx-New York

"Purity is part of faith" Birmingham

Edinburgh - "Spread Peace amongst yourselves"

"Truth" Kuala Lumpur-Malaysia

Source pictures : Aerosolarabic

In this video Mohamed Ali paints a cube in Gotheburg. His goal? To create a space of communication through light and colours.

Mohammed Ali - Aerosol Arabic from Language of Light.

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