Stormie Mills


By Kacem |  Published on Wednesday, January 4, 2012.

Selection of full-length portrait by an artist made ​​in Australia: Stormie Mills.

Very young he was already drawing a lot but its beginnings in the graffiti dated from the 80’s (see his page). Originally from Perth in the southwest of Australia, he did not have an example or a mentor. He baptized the walls of his city without rules or artistic reference, just throwing his unique style for free.

But it's his series-length portrait that we present here. Stormie Mills a philanthropist? Maybe.  Paintings in black and white and striking emotion of loneliness, we can detect in him a strong interest in human nature.


"Almost cold enough"


"When the wheels fall off"


Ghost Village, Scotland.



"The Beginning is Less Important than the Ending"








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