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By Vincent Morgan |  Published on Thursday, September 29, 2011.

And the winner is.... Katch! Check out our interview and pictures of all the Battle pieces. Dope graffiti from Hawaii.

FatCap: Who is Katch? Can you present you for those who don't know?
Katch: I am a writer from Honolulu, Hawaii. I've been drawing since I could hold a pencil. I fell in love with graffiti the second I saw it, and have another love for skateboarding. I moved to LA in the early nineties and there I met Just 195 of NASA, AWR, MSK at the freight yard taking while flicks of my first wholecar. It was also there that I fell in love with freight trains. I went on to start a skateboard company and would travel back and forth from Hawaii to LA several times a year, building product, going to trade shows, skating, filming, and editing videos. I am currently doing tattoos at Banzai Tattoos in Pearl City, Hawaii.


FC: Why did you participate to the Estria Battle? What do you think about it? How was the atmosphere in Honolulu?
I originally did not want to battle. I was scared it would tarnish what I built up for years. It was when I happened to see a list of all the writers that were asked and refused or wanted to get paid that I decided I would battle. There were so many old school, new school, famous, and legendary writers on that list with numerous excuses... I didn't want to be on that list.
Estria is doing great things, bringing together artists that would not normally hang out together, and he is doing an amazing job of focusing on the artists and keeping it positive. He's opening doors for all of us. The atmosphere in Hawaii was all love... I feel privileged to be a part of this.

FC: Can you describe your piece?
The word given was "hanau", which means birth. I chose to represent the birth of what we do, graffiti and hip hop, from its roots in New York on the subway system, to the birth of graffiti in Hawaii on our bus system. The subway was coming out of a tunnel that subliminally represented a vagina and the train had the word, "hanau" on it, as well as Taki 183's tag. Under the train was a volcano to represent the birth of Hawaii, as well as a few famous old school tags from Hawaii... Skez 520, the first all city writer in Hawaii, and Animate 5, one of the first all city piecers who established a high standard of style in Hawaii. These tags were on the old school bus sign and trash cans of the bus, Hawaii's mass transit system.

FC: Did you made some new connexions during the battle?  
Of course. I always meet too many people to remember. There was a lot of people whose artwork I've seen for years, and finally got the opportunity to meet them at the event. Its like a family vibe... I even brought my kids.

FC: Ready for the Battle Finals in Oakland?  
No... There is no way to prepare for these battles. There is too much talent, and the word given is too random. I don't think I'll ever be ready.

FC: Who's the most dangerous competitor? The fancied? Any forecast?
Jher, Doves, Vyal, Bounce, Ckaweeks...  Basically everyone in Oakland has the skills to take it home... It's kinda stressful for me... I get all antsy.

FC: What's next for you? Any project ?
I am working on Natural Koncept's third video. It should be out by the end of the year... New art, new pieces, new skate footie, new animations, new riders, as well as all the same old ruckus and drop ins... I'm also always working on artwork, as well as tattoos.

FC: Shoutouts...
My wife and kids, Natural Koncept Crew across the U.S., Banzai Tattoo Crew in Hawaii, Estria, Mike Higuchi (miketattoos), NASA Crew, all the writers and heads...


1st place: Katch1


2nd place: Ckaweeks


3rd place: Bieste




















Angry Woebot


Some videos about Katch1

NASA "HighPressure Funky"

Skate part from Natural Koncept's second movie, "Dysfunctional Family"

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