Jeff Owens


By Kacem |  Published on Friday, April 13, 2012.

When a Golden Retriever-red dresses as Captain America or Groucho Marx as Spiderman on a background of Pop Art, it is for sure a picture of Jeff Owens which takes days.

Jeff Owens aka Metal My Hand is a talended painter and illustrator. Originally from Florida, he likes to revisit the Super-heroes of his childhood and seems to have been a fan of Batman and Superman.

But that's not all. He likes to draw monsters, animals and robots that take shape in his illustrations with different styles, sometimes with 3D cube effect or sometimes with Indian ink effect (most impressive), all on a background "paper and old used" to look for a retro Pop Art made​​. A combination as effective as inventive.

We can see in his work Abraham Lincoln disguised as Superman or Chewbacca who plays "Bonnie & Clyde". When the icons of the world intersect those of Hollywood, the result is humorous. Here are some his works, for the rest we invite you to visit his site.

Jeff Owens on DeviantARt

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