Rockin Jelly Bean


By Kacem |  Published on Thursday, March 12, 2015.

Orange County choppers mechanics and Pam Grier like figures, Rockin Jelly Bean brings us back in time.


Rockin Jelly Bean is a bass player and an illustrator native from Japan. His artwork really caught our attention because of its rich influences, clearly out of a certain past, bringing a strongly connoted color to his craft, whatever medium he may be using.

Pin ups straight out of Blaxploitation features and Barbarella (which he often refers to), monsters found in vintage Marvel comic strips, typography similar to the one used for Curtis Mayfield's Super Fly album, hot rods from the 60's, Hells Angels choppers, ice cream, vintage babes and sometimes even psychedelic elements, mix and confirm his North American Pop influences...

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