Four Seasons mural


By Vincent Morgan |  Published on Friday, July 22, 2011.

Amazing wall by Vans, Rime, Dabs&Myla, Askew, Witnes, Deus, Score and Revok. Let's (re)discover the four seasons.

Another dope wall from LA. Revok, Vans, Rime, Witnes, Dabs, Myla, Deus, Score and Askew did a stunning mural, the project is called "Only Time will Tell".  The concept was to paint the phrase "Only Time Will Tell" and divide the wall in four parts, one per word. Each word represents one season (beginning with the winter and ending with the fall).

- Vans, Witnes and Rime took care of the winter. Vans wrote "Only"
- Dabs, Myla and Score took care of spring. Score wrote  "Time".
- Revok, Rime took care of the summer. Revok wrote  "Will".
- Askew and Deus took care of the fall. Askew drew the Tell.


Some pictures of the wall and video by Vans below:








Click on this picture to see the art in a bigger size

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