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By Vincent Morgan |  Published on Monday, June 28, 2010.

Our team has selected a bunch of pictures added on FatCap. Thanks to all our members for their pictures and videos. You guys rock.

Here is a selection of pictures added by our members, a quick summary of the last artists pictures updates. Here the first selection of a long series. Thank you.


Noé Two gave us great pleasure by adding new pictures on his FatCap page. A feast for your eyes.

Noé Two on FatCap


Noé two




Amin (IKS crew) regularly posts pieces from Roubaix. We love it.


Amin's profile






Dolk the Norwegian stencil artist struck again, this time in Brooklyn. Beautiful pieces.


Dolk's profile






Morka from Slovenia did a great entrance on FatCap, incredible paintings on walls , on canvases as well as collaborations with Loomit, Does and Nash.


Morka's profile


Morka Morka




Check out the explosive style of Plok from Paris.


Plok's pictures





Juan Fernandez comes from San Juan, Puerto Rico. Beautiful paintings and characters.


Juan Fernandez on FatCap


Juan fernandez




Great pieces by Mizopoint from Belgium.


Mizopoint's profile






Rero is always effective, Chrixcel has added great pictures of the artist.


Rero's profile






Flow is apparently a fan of One Piece, so are we. He added regularly pictures on his profile, cartoon style and realistic portraits.


Flow on FatCap


Flow flux




Dash and Moker hits hard as usual. Pictures added by VandaloverParistofs and Thias.


Dash's pictures






Fat Heat added pictures of his paintings in London and Budapest with Mr. Zero. A Must see.


Fat Heat's profile


Fat Heat




Clog 2 (ZNC crew) comes from Singapore. Check out his paintings and videos with Slacsatu.


Clog 2 on FatCap





We love the artwork of Agrume. Make sure to visit his pictures and video.


Agrume on FatCap







No need to introduce you to Giant One, new artworks on his profile, dope as usual.


Giant on FatCap






Ador added pictures to his profile. Stunning characters.


Ador's profile






Colasa comes from Taiwan. We discover last month his impressive black and white stencils. Lovely.


Colasa on FatCap






Jerc from France, nice paintings inside and outside. Check it out.


Jerc's profile






Pazzo has uploaded a series of nice sketches


Pazzo's profile






Sly2 updated his artist page. Go and have a look, beautiful paintings are waiting for you.


Sly2's profile






Several Sowat artworks pictures have been added by Thias. A must see. Crazy calligraphy.


Sowat's profile






Bowa has added to his profile some outstanding pictures of bodypainting.


Bowa on FatCap






Specter was visiting Russia, the walls will never forget him.


Specter on FatCap






Valdi Valdi comes from Florianopolis in Brazil. Check out his last profile update. Awesome paintings.


Valdi on FatCap






C215 strike again in Vitry.


C215 on FatCap


C215 et Brok




Akn is a Brazilian artist with a colorful style. A breath of fresh air.

Akn's pictures






Update of 6emeia's profile, the street art collective from Sao Paulo. The crew is always innovative  when it comes to decorate floors, sewers and street furnitures.


6emiea on FatCap






Rensone has added wonderful pictures of his recent productions and a video of a live performance in Strasbourg.


Rensone on FatCap






Latest photos of Eyes-b in Belgium are still awesome, a swirl of color and an accurate technique. Dope.


Eyes-B on FatCap





We love the art of Zilda. When you fnd one of his wheatpastes in Paris you must stop and appreciate. A magnificent contextual artwork. Zilda recently added pictures of his last artwork. On his page you'll also find a great video.


Zilda on Fatcap






MTO updated his profile this month, check out his new works and his famous characters.


MTO's profile






ParisTofs and Sir Philip added many pictures of the stencil french artist Jef Aerosol.


Jef Aerosol on FatCap


jef aerosol




Liliwenn comes from Brest. A beautiful discovery.


Liliwenn on FatCap






After Malaysia, Hozoï went through Casablanca and Dakar. Give him 6 month, and you'll find his paintings on the 5 continents.


Hozoï on FatCap






We added a lot of graffiti on trains and walls from Vancouver, Canada. Thanks to Sueme for the pictures.


Pictures from Vancouver



Stay tuned for the next FatCap Updates summary. Take care, and have a great painting.

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Gaia in action in Chicago.
Video by Brock Brake.