2012 Battle Pro in Chelles


By Vincent Morgan |  Published on Monday, April 9, 2012.

Pictures and video on the collaborative walls realized during the Battle Pro in Chelles by a panel of high level graffiti writers from all over the world

Since 2000, Chelles' Battle Pro  has invited an impressive panel of high-level bboys, djs and graffiti artists to show their skills the time of a weekend. Highlight on the graffiti artworks created for this year for the event in March.

A first series of 3 walls, exposed during the event and painted partially in public, played on contrasts by offering combinations of radically different styles on common pieces.

Ces - Shadow collaboration

The duo that had already painted together at Tuff City in Bronx the previous year, chose to create a wall where a complex lettering built of lively and contrasted colors would push itself of the frame of a realistic and urban decor evoking the universe of the subway.

Ces - Shadow

Shadow : "We designed this wall as a freestyle. Ces gave me the general size of his piece, I asked him which universe he wished for the background and adapted the decor to the composition of his lettering. We modified the colors together as working to keep the full artwork's coherence. Ces has a his own very personal lettering style both in his shapes and figures. It is pretty interesting to paint with someone that spontaneous, who moves at the same speed you do and who does not look like finishing as quickly as possible ".

Ces : "Shadow's style I would say is very on point both in details and composition... In any scale he is a master. I thought it was has " graffiti battle " when I read the invite. Good thing it wasn't... I' m getting too old for that... It was has great time though. "

Does - Smug collaboration

A first encounter for these two graffiti rising stars who had still never met previously and whose styles married amazingly for a result both equally strong and original.

does - Smug

Smug : "It's the first time that I've painted with Does. We both just had a look at each others' ideas and came up with a nice design. Most of the elements we used to tie our work in together was pretty much made up on the spot though. I don't know how to explain Does' style... He's absolutely amazing at what he does and it'd be hard to find someone that doesn't rate him in their top 10 writers in the world. He's found something new, and nowadays that's a very hard thing to do. He's a great guy too, and a pleasure to paint with".

Does : "I have seen Smug's work on the web but I had never met him before Chelles. His realistic work is impressive. He has a very clean style and spends a lot of time on details. His color fadings are very good and there are no loose ends. Quite impressive, he definitely has his own unique style. It was a nice collaboration and It is great to be involved in new collaborations. It forces me to get out of my comfort zone and push myself to do things differently."

Ioye - Mutha collaboration

A fully french duo and a resolutely old school piece clearly carried by the theme of the festival.

Ioye - Mutha

Ioye : "I had previously made a sketch of a lettering and Mutha had several sketches of break dancers. I suggested to him to encroach on the extremity of my lettering, which he did by adding a shadow to increase the realism of the scene. In the same will to integrate the character into the lettering, he made the orange from my graffiti reflect on his bboy. Mutha is someone opened to dialogue when realizing a common project like this. He has a rather funky style, close to comic strips, filled with lively colors. He works a lot on his in gradations of coors, what matched well my style." 

Mutha : "We chose to paint this wall in a classic graffiti  layout of lettering and character but in a structured way.

Ioye 's style and the colors he used that day are rather old school and matched perfectly with the scene bboy scene I wanted to paint in tribute to this break dance  festival. I enjoy dance, groove, the show of battle dancing and the energy it frees and that's what I wanted to describe here. This hip-hop culture, mix of dance and graffiti, came from the street. I found obvious to paint an eighties and funky urban atmosphere. Ioye has an old school technique, rather raw, close to mine. No scraps and rough drafts as outlines, if it drips, it's fine, it is my way of painting, raw and natural. His style is exactly the kind I love, with big dynamic, structured letters, energetic lines, well contrasted colors. What I learnt on this common piece, it is whom we were in a common state of mind.

After making these walls by pair which were displayed at the entrance of the festival, the team, joined by Komo, Emoy and Sawer dedicated herself to the realization of an impressive wall in a warehouse, allowing each to show his skills in a cool and relaxed atmosphere.



Pictures by Startape

CesShadowDoes and Ioye's websites

SmugMutha and Does's Flickr

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