Street art in Mumbai


By Vincent Morgan |  Published on Monday, February 1, 2010.

A monumental project, which was launched last summer in Mumbai with the aim of bringing graffiti to the light, is beginning to spread over other major cities of the country.

street art in bombay


street art on walls in india



In August 2009, the wall of the track between the train stations of Matunga and Dadar, in the northern suburbs, the longest of the megalopolis, was getting covered with graffiti and murals.

It's Independence Day and to celebrate the event, the collective "The Wall Project" with the courtesy of the municipality, the BMC (Bombay Municipal Cuncil) gives everyone appointment with pots of paint, and invite everyone to come express themselves on the walls, so far bare and dull. The fresco of the "Great Wall Project" is almost 3 kilometers long.



Graffiti in india, bombay


street art in mumbai



In this country of vibrant color, almost every surface is a potential canvas. Such an event has been happily received both by locals, and international artists who were visiting. Thanks to this enthusiasm, the action is now repeated regularly, spreading to new places such as schools, and reached the major cities.


Pictures: Kim-Lin Bailly
Text: Kim-Lin Bailly


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