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By Vincent Morgan |  Published on Wednesday, November 25, 2009.

Interview of the "I Love Graffiti" team, about the 5 minutes video project.

If you don't know about the 5 Minutes Project, well you should watch this:



All the 5 Minutes videos here


FC : How came the idea of shooting various crews from all over the world through 5 minutes video footages?

It always happen by the action itself, if something happen we just go and try to be there, push the button and catch the atmosphere

FC: Is the 5 minutes videoproject strictly dedicated to graffiti on trains?

No it is not about trainwriting only, we just have dedicated the first episodes cause of a installation we gonna perform soon. We will feature the whole graff and street art thing on that format soon, some interviews and will see.

FC : How did the 5 Minutes project start? Can you introduce us the team behind the project? What was the first shooting?

Do not remember the first shooting, the team behind is our team, and that team want to stay anonym as the whole german part of our site is.


5 minutes




FC: Did your video team follow every crew from germany to australia?

Almost, yes, as australia e.g., melbourne is always nice to discover, espiacelly if you got such superdope guides like Break.

FC : What did you learn by following graffiti crews in different towns?

Not much cause we all do it for the same reason and live an similar lifestyle, the procedure is so unique....there is nothing to learn from each other...

FC: What was the best 5 minutes shooting?

Hard to say, we love the first one cause it represent the start of that episodes, we love all episodes and we love to edit a lot more in the future, there is no fav really..

FC: Any chase stories?


FC: Is there any DVD project? It would be great to gather many 5 min.-footages on a single support...

By request we probably do that, but there is no plan of releasing a DVD at the moment...

FC: How did you meet the UFS crew from Moscow?

UFS are for sure the coolest cats of all around Moscow City, that dudes are crazy minded and always got some surprising acts in common. We have met them a few years ago and by now they are one of the top players over there. They have learned a lot, stylewise and also how to act in spots and stuff, they dont play!





FC: Who's in charge of your final editing montage? The rythm is perfect, you can feel the atmosphere of the moment when you watch it, and that's not the case in all graffiti videos...

Its an orchestra, we will put up soon an behind the scenes feature on our site where you can meet them and see what they are about. But to describe that whole thing in a few words, 5 Minutes is an 3 man army, one for the filming, one for the editing and one for the music. Sometimes we have to add footage not filmed by our team to fulfil the whole thing in a attractive way



5 minutes



FC: What type of technical equipment do you use? (videocamera? editing software?...numbers)

We work with Canopus Software, Edius etc. Camera is a good old Sony to work with, always..






FC: The last 5 minutes was dedicated to Rocco through several cities like Napoli, Berlin, Paris... Did you use old archives?

yes, as you could see 2 of these actions went dowon in 2007. But we have a lot of old but rare footage to release, doesnt matter to us if this is from 2000, 2005 or just from this year, as i said, we want to represent the atmosphere, the feeling and a bit of the emotions






FC: What will be the next 5 Minutes project?

We gonna release soon the Holland episode and one more from the saxonian area. Then we go ahead with the first 5minutes artist feature

FC: Do you still want to feature cities and crews, or would your rather focus on writers like you did with Rocco?

i think its impossible to rep one city in 5 minutes, so no city features at all. But anything else is possibly hot for 5minutes prod, sure, why not feature the team of Fatcap behind the scenes next year he?

FC: Hehe we would love to! ;) What train system would you like to shoot next? India? Alaska? Africa?

No one of these, moscow were crazy dark, deep and hot. That one went down pretty much the most craziest adventure ever. Maybe it would be kinda interesting to hit the LA subway with Revok and Toomer, that we would love to shoot! ;)

FC: Any other project in the future you want to talk about?

Our big project at the moment is the new ILG page, after that we go and start to present the artist profiles in december, lots of plans.


FC: Shout outs?

Thanks to everybody who helped making that past episodes happen, thanks to everyone who have supported us and watched the episodes and of course thanks to all the girls watchin 5 Minutes every single day! keep your eyes on and dont forget to check out as well. The blogs make you surviving that kind of a culture we all struggle with! Peace!


FC: Thanks ILG!

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